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Celebrity Cruises’ innovative Online@Celebrity program provides complimentary enrichment lectures on Digital Photography and the World Wide Web, E-mail services, Internet access, group and individual instruction and laptop rentals.

Online@Celebrity Computer Facilities:
Online@Celebrity provides a classroom for beginning and intermediate instruction on a wide selection of topics. Click on the tab above to see a list of group classes that might be offered on your cruise. Beginning classes are complimentary. A $20 fee is charged for all other classes.

The Millennium class ships (Summit, Infinity, Millennium and Constellation) contain workstations in an Internet Café with 24 hour access.

The Century class ships (Galaxy, Mercury and Century) contain workstations in several areas around the ship with 24 hour access.

Using Your Unique E-mail Address:
Your cruise documents contain a unique shipboard e-mail address. Outlook is used on the ship to do E-mail for this address.

You can send and receive e-mail messages up to 2MB in size. Our connection to the Internet is 24 X 7, subject to the stability of satellite communications. Messages leave the ship immediately and arrive shortly after being sent. A voice mail message is placed on your stateroom phone when a message arrives for someone in your stateroom.

There is a $2 charge for the first 100KB of each inbound/outbound e-mail. This charge applies for all additional outbound e-mail addresses as well. For messages greater than 100KB there is an additional charge of $1 for each 100KB of message. Attachments are allowed.

Be sure to bring your e-mail addresses from home to use with this address.

Surf the Internet:
Computers are placed in the Internet Café on Millennium class ships or in various areas around the ship on Century class ships.

These computers can be used for Internet or non-Internet activities.

Internet access is $.75 per minute. When logged on for Internet access you can go anywhere the Internet will take you. You can access your hotmail, yahoo or other web based e-mail account using this service. Access to AOL including your buddy lists and address books is available.

Most Non-Internet activities are free of charge. When logged on for Non-Internet activities you can access any of the Office XP Professional applications. Sending/receiving e-mail using your shipboard e-mail account is available when logged on as Non-Internet. There is a charge for each e-mail message sent/received.

Digital Camera Support:
Download your images in our classroom daily, freeing up your memory chip for tomorrows shooting. All of our computers contain Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can edit your images for no charge.

Wireless Connection:
All Century class ships have WiFi hotspots in Michael's Club and Rendez-vous Square. Wireless cards are available for rent if you do not already have one. Please stop by the Computer Center on Deck 6 to learn how to get your personal laptop connected. The same internet rates apply.

Connect@Sea Kit Rental:
Guests can access the internet from their staterooms on Millennium class ships by renting a Connect@Sea Kit. Ask the Online@Celebrity staff for more details.

Mike & Charlotte

Thanks, all. I consider those prices to be outrageous! Our last two cruises were on the Star Princess in the Greek Isles and downunder; if you've cruised with Princess 5 times, computer use is completely free. But that's another story because this is the Celebrity board, and that's the line our upcoming cruise is with.

We, too, have used the internet cafes in ports, but many of their computers in South America and far out ports are very slow. Additionally, the keyboards are different than American keyboards, so many times I hit the wrong key, and it sometimes instructs the computer to do the wrong thing. However, they do work, and they are certainly much, much cheaper than any cruiseline's prices.

GloBug, in Alaska you should find internet cafes, or cybercafes, but they won't be the super cheap deals that they are in many foreign ports. In US cities they're often in the 25-35 cents per minute range, which is cheaper in the ship, but still runs up pretty fast. In foreign ports we often find them in the $1.50 per hour range.

To find one in port, ask your waiter or cabin boy, or ask the deck guys up in the pool area. Some of them will be able to direct you to where the cheapest prices are for internet cafes on land. Usually they are not too far from the dock.



I learned before my 1st cruise that the stewards are loaded with info on the ports you visit. I will be sure to ask them. Thanks for all the info everyone!