Concerned about "Pride of America" being ready on time



Hello all. My husband was able to get two weeks off this summer and we want to take Norewgian's Hawaiian Island cruise, the "Pride of America." My concern is that the ship is scheduled to be completed and ready to sail this July 2004. Our cruise will be it's second voyage. I have two questions:

1- Is a second voyage too soon for all the kniks to be out? (i had heard people avoid sailing a new ship until it's run at least several trips)

2- What are the odds this ship won't be ready for it's sailing? (This is the only cruise we would want to take from Hawaii, once we purchase this costly airfare & if we find out the boat won't be ready, we'll be screwed! It's not like a bustling Miami port where you can easily select from dozens of cruises, I have researched & this is the only cruise we would want. Slim pickins from Hawaii!)

Please advise,


The ship is being built by the yard NCL has used for thier new builds, repairs and stretches in the last 7 years. They have never been late.


You shouldn't worry about the ship being in Hawaii on time. Pride of America will be delivered almost two months early, doing a series of cruises in the USA and the Panama Canal before heading to Hawaii. I believe those cruises start May 9 out of Boston, heading to New York, then Florida, through the canal, to California and then heading to Hawaii. You should probably check with Norwegian, but I would think that some of those "pre-cruises" would be cancelled if there is a delay.