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Rob S

Hi, all. This site is so addictive and informative!

We have not sailed since 9/11. We were on the Norway for it's "Farewell Voyage." We are trying to figure out THE cruise for our 25th Anniv next September and have been looking into Carnival for the first time. Have been on Norway twice and RCCL 4 times.

This is the big question. I have been looking at the reviews posted on this website and although Carnival definitely is getting their act together, is this the place we want to spend our 25th? We are especially interested in the Pride out of Miami for an 8 day Southern trip with 4 days at sea. We like sea days. But what gives with the pool towels? Is the food mediocre (except for David's)?

Would the Triumph be a better choice? We can also drive to Canaveral for the Glory.

Other options are flying to San Juan for Adventure of the Seas, or just doing Enchantment or Explorer.

HELP. I know it is 10 months away but it is never too early to plan for a true addict.

Thanks. Rob

James and Dana

The Pride was a very elegant ship. It is beautiful in the photos we had taken. We found the food to be first rate, and the Mermaid's buffet was very good. David's was outstanding! The big shows were very well done and the costumes and sets were exciting! I feel that it would be a beautiful ship for a 25th celebration.


The Pride is leaving Miami next summer and will be in Southern California. I'm not exactly sure of the last dates for Florida sailings. I have wanted to sail on the Pride for a long time. We are thinking about going in the spring but want to avoid Spring Break (too many children!). Take care, Shannon


Rob, the Carnival Pride was our first Carnival ship. It is perfect and elegant for a great Anniverary surprise. My dear husband just bought us a cruise on her new sister the Legend for our 37th. anniversary. This is the review I wrote for our Pride vacation last February.
Eastern Caribbean
Feb. 23 to March 2, 2002

By: Nanatravel

This was our 11th cruise (third in a year) but very first time on Carnival. We have sailed with Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Princess on primarily new ships built since 1993.

The Pride was beautiful, elegantly decorated with subdued décor in the cabins. All of the arrangements made by Carnival were great. Yes there is a lot of annoying vibration but we only felt it at the stern in the rear of the dining room when the ship is moving at 22 knots or more. If the speed was reduced to about 12 knots, no vibration. I spoke with a structural engineer on board (a fellow cruiser) and he explained that the narrowness at the point of the Apizoids (propulsion system) would cause the vibrations. Glasses, silverware and plates would clink together during our whole dining time. We were right there smack dab in the middle at the stern.

The ship, our cabin, and the Mermaid's Lido buffet was fabulous with so much variety especially at lunch time and available a lot longer than other ships during the day. The gym and spa including jacuzzi were wonderful, the pools were great. The food was fine with plenty of selections in the main dining room. We really enjoyed the Mermaid's lido buffet area as it had numerous stations for different luncheon options or even fresh cooked omelets or eggs for breakfast. There was always something to eat in this area. The numerous pool areas were a nice option and we never had a problem finding a chair. The weather was not so good, but we made the most of it.

We went to Atlantis on Paradise Island, Nassau which was beautiful to explore; $4 taxi ride per person each way which included the toll. Even with all the security at Atlantis, I explored the majority of the property even out to the pyramid to take pictures of the water slides. The tour of the dig ($25 pp) was very informative and I did find the section of the hotel where we spent our 25th anniversary. None of the staff knew of this special "concierge section" where Merv Griffin used to have his penthouse. I found it! It was rainy at St. Thomas, so we just took a 3 hr.tour by taxi, which I wanted to do anyway of Drakes Seat and Mountain Top, and then shopped. It was nice on St. Martin and we spent a couple of hours at Dawn Beach where we had vacationed just before the last hurricane had devastated the island and demolished the resort where we stayed.

Entertainment was just OK. I have seen better shows and heard better entertainers on board ships. Some of the lounge acts had changed last week and they were not the greatest or the venue was put on at the wrong lounge at the wrong time. They had a nice classical music group playing before dinner at Raphael's lounge. That was the smoking room, which was right outside the main dining room. It got very congested and smoky and was not the correct atmosphere for this type of lovely music. You could hardly hear them play over the loud roar of the many people who congregated at this lounge/bar area. Most musical options were after dinner, so we did not have a lot of chance to enjoy them, as we would go to a show then retire. We did enjoy the Karaoke as it was actually good. Also, we enjoyed the Talent Show. It was not a competition but 6 talented guests who performed and then were interviewed by the CD, Troy Linton. That part of the show was really funny.

Carnival sent us a bottle of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were awaiting us in our cabin upon arrival. They also gave us an Inaugural copy of the Pride's hard cover book. Travel and all arrangements, which were made through Carnival by our TA were great. I would definitely do another Carnival cruise on a similar type of ship. The decor was beautiful, cabin bigger than others of the same type we have had, the buffet, pools, and gym/spa area was spectacular. There were lots of variety of lounges, just the musical venues were not great or timing the best. I did not notice a lot of country music only in the Atrium lounge. However, I noticed that there were limited musical/dancing opportunities before the 8:15 seating. Florentine, Starry night and Ivory Bar were good spots if the band or piano player was good, but usually they didn't have music before our seating. As mentioned, one extremely tall piano player could not carry a tune and he had his piano bar patron sounding even worse than he did. There was another piano player at the Ivory bar on the last night and he was very good.

The only negative was our dining room service. It was poor in comparison to all other cruises we have been on. Our servers were veteran experienced gentlemen, too. I have never felt so rushed in all of our 11 cruises and they were very impersonal. I even had a dish removed from in front of me when I was not finished! At lunch, when we dined in the Normandie, the assistant waiter was on duty (who had no other customers since you sit at your assigned tables at lunch on sea days), took our complete luncheon order including desert right away. I had to ask another server for some iced tea. Budi never returned or even asked my DH what he wanted to drink or if everything was OK during this lunch service. He would serve hot coffee from left to right in front of 2 people when he had plenty of room to move to the person's right as normal polite and safe service should be at a round table. We did not let that affect our total cruise at all. We really thought the ship was great. I would definitely try another similar class ship on Carnival someday. Of course, we had no control over the weather and made the best of each port.

I had no idea that there were over 300 kids on board. The Camp Carnival staff really kept them busy. Previously for the family, we would have chosen RCI. I think Carnival equals RCI's great family and children's program. You can rent walkie-talkies and they even are renting strollers on the new Pride. I always recommend that parents bring along those umbrella style strollers for those kids 4 and under, but now for just a mere $25 a week they can be rented. I truly think people of all ages and from all demographics will have a wonderful vacation experience on Carnival's new Pride.

Bon Voyage


I was on the Pride in January 2002 of this year. She is a beautiful ship and although she was a full ship we always felt like we were the only people on board. The food in the dinning room is wonderful. Mermaid Grill is a step above the normal Lido dinning. We did not get to David's since our trip was only 3 days and the supper club was already booked for all 3 nights. If you choose the Pride you will not be sorry you did.

The towels....well here is my take on that.....I think Carnival may have something here......Carnival gives you huge beach towels to use while at the pools but if you do not return the towel, you will be charged $20.00 on your sign and sail card and they remind you of this several times. At first I thought it was greedy but now I think I understand what they are trying to accomplish.

You know how it is when people come down first thing in the morning and put their towel on a lounge chair and then go off for the entire day and when they decide to come to the pool they will have a reserved chair. Not so nice for those of us who are actually at the pool and cannot find a chair because they are being saved. Well I think that Carnival figures people would be less likely to just leave a towel if they will be charged $20.00 if it comes up missing. So maybe, just maybe there will be less chair saving in Carnival's future. One can only hope.

I think no matter what line or ship you choose it is going to be very special because you will be together and that is all that matters. Wishing you the best.

Rob S

Thanks so much for the informative replies. The ship sounds really nice but I am a little concerned about the dining room service. Sounds like Carnival is cutting some corners there but I am happy to hear the the food is good.

I hope to hear from some others of you Carnival lovers out there.

Thanks again.



I am anxious to cruise once again on the new Legend. When I read all of the other continuous reviews regarding service, I know we just had one inefficient server. I would not hold that against a cruise line. Service as a whole was great. I recently went on a TA tour and we were treated to lunch. The volunteer servers were wonderful. I had even stepped away from my table to talk to another person whom I knew, and they covered my lunch to keep it warm. When I returned, they could not get to my place fast enough to remove the cover. I would not recommend a cruise line if I was not confident that you or your folks would have a great time.
Bon Voyage


Rob- we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on the Carnival Fascination, just a little short cruise, but had a memorable time. Since then we have sailed on other Carnival ships and found them to be even better.

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary

Happy Cruising



We sailed on the Triumph last year for our 25th anniversary. Had a fantastic time, considering we sailed the Sat. after Sept. 11. We had a terrific waiter who we still keep in touch with. The food was superb! We were told to eat a lot since the ship wasn't near capacity, as people didn't want to sail or couldn't fly. We are sailing next Sept. on the Conquest with a group. Happy sailing!!!