I was waiting for someone to say something about the $100 for 4 people. I can't agree that most people who sail with families don't tip the full amount. The analogy of families versus 2 people for tip afforadability.. To me that's like using the lame excuse of being a single parent (which I am by the way and yes I tip for my whole family).

I agree that tipping is a personal decision. But I do have a question for Nataliy. If you were able to pay tips to the appropriate staff as you indicated, would still hand the waiter an envelope with $35 for your whole family for the week? Or would you be more generous knowing it was going to them directly versus the administration?

oh.. and just to throw it in.. Shipboard credits = tips. I've noticed there's lots of shipboard credit availability on Hal (I'm a newbie to HAL). When ever I get one from a cruiseline.. I think - cool... tip money..

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iluvcruzin: I'd love to find a shipboard credit. Any ideas on sources for the credits?


Sail - I believe the "color coding" was brand new. As I mentioned previously, this was done several days into our cruise.



I found out about mine on this board. It was promo 7031 and gave us a $50.00 per person shipboard credit. It was applied to 10 day cruises on the Maasdam, but it might be eligible for other cruises. May as well call your TA and ask.

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Mary Ann, I'm rather glad to know that HAL doesn't show preferencial treatment to certain passengers because of the card...Celebrity does or did when I sailed with them last. Costa did as well. It didn't make me feel uncomfortable in the least though, I paid for the service, I wasn't arrogant or rude to anyone, I just accepted it as I accepted the full dining room menu in my suite.

I can't remember now which line I was on and in a suite and we had priority tender but the cards were the same color as all others, but they delivered to our staterooms little cards with numbers signifying which priority you were boarding the tenders. Number one being the first boarding.

I apologize if anyone thinks I'm being arrogant or snooty in my posts or opinions, I'm not really and I do apologize if I come off that way. I really believe that HAL is a couple kicks above many other cruise lines and I believe that the HAL passengers are also a couple kicks above many of the people who cruise on some other lines. Don't get me wrong, I've sailed many times and still do sail on some ships where the pax are less than desirable or behave in that manner and I guess sometimes their behavior just "gets to me". Again, I sincerely apologize if I'm giving the wrong impression of myself.