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Congratulations to Oosterdam.....

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by sail7seas, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Just heard from a friend that Oosterdam was inspected by USPH and scored a Perfect 100. What a huge accomplishment for the great Officers and Crew of Oosterdam. Great Big congratulations to them. (Hope there's a big party being planned for them to celebrate...they sure did earn it.)
  2. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    I am glad to hear that. I am cruising nov 14 on the oosterdam.
  3. I am thrilled to hear this...we leave on Saturday for our first ever cruise!
  4. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Be sure to say congratulations to stewards .....they will be impressed you KNOW how well they did and will so appreciate your acknowledging it.

    Hope you have a wonderful time.

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  5. Debi_D

    Debi_D Guest

    Well that is really great news, as Earl M we to are sailing November 14 (Hi Earl) and we are really looking foward to being on HAL again.

  6. foxsportsmom

    foxsportsmom Guest

    I'm so happy to hear this. We too are going on the "O" for our first ever cruise. We will be leaving from Seattle to Alaska on August 28th. I have been reading lots on the cruise boards and can't wait to experience all the glamour myself.
  7. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    Okay S7S

    When do you leave on the O now
    *LOL* that sounds like the drop of a hat you need to book another HAL cruise.

    *LOL* just teaseing.

    I know your Maasdam cruise is coming up soon. VERY VERY JEALOUS !!!!!!!

    Take care

  8. S7S, I so very pleased to hear that the Oosterdam has scored a perfect 100, but I'm not surprised. The crew did a fantastic job when we were on her in January. Congratulations to the crew of the O. It's well deserved.
  9. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    :) :lol :=COOL

    Like I need :grin an excuse to book another HAL cruise HOT!

    :jester.....We just booked :bounce a great Veendam itinerary for January. :dance But,

    you are correct :tout that Oosterdam seems to be calling out to me :jump.
  10. S7S, =lolgang the O is calling your name.
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest


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  12. Vicar

    Vicar Guest



    I love those dancing little characters on your last posts .

    Where is the Veendam going?

    Our cruise gang is still deciding but we are leaning toward the Mexican Riviera .

    :( No cruise for me this year but GF and I are going to Vegas and California in September. Part vacation part visting family.

    Then in November we will be going to New Orleans with a few other couples.
  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Vicar....you have some wonderful travel to look forward to. We've had spectacular trips to Las Vegas and adore San Francisco and LA...Have great memories of fabulous vacations. Have fun.

    Veendam is sailing from Tampa. Our cruise is 12 days and is called a Southern Caribbean......highlights (places we like best) are San Juan, Barbados, St. Thomas, HMC. I like Dominica only so I can pick up a new supply of "green soap". Only place on earth I know of to buy it. We've been to Dominica a number of times and all I do at this point is walk down the dock, go to the market at the top of the dock, find that fabulous soap and get back on board.
  14. Vicar

    Vicar Guest


    and I laugh at GF because she takes the train into NYC just to get her makeup at the one litle boutique that sells it. You take a cruise to get soap *LOL* only kidding

    That sounds like a great trip. I have been to St Thomas and San Juan and loved them both .

    Oh i know we will have a ball , this will be my 6th trip to Vegas , I love it there.

    I have been to Cali before too, but this time we will be stopping to visit GFs father (who I will be meeting for the first time) Thank God I play golf because he lives outside of Palm Springs and from what I hear golf is like a religion out there. In fact when she called to say we were coming he said great he'll set up some tee times for us. (before he even knew I played *LOL*)
  15. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Vicar...we simply HAVE to meet someday.

    I 'HEAR" you and fully understand your GF going to the only boutique where she can buy her makeup. Nothing about that seems "odd" to me. :) DH has had 35 years to get accustomed to keeping his "sail7seas" happy. :) He knows if I am happy, he will be so much happier than if I am less than delighted.

    And....you are a wise man to know that it will be so grand to make GF's dad like you from the get go!!!

    Hope you have a terrific time....and get to play some fabulous golf at the great Palm Springs' courses. (nice address!! :) :wink
  16. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    i would love to meet , especially on a cruise :)

    We are practically neighbors anyway, (I am in CT)

    Oh believe me I know tis better the better half is happy than unhappy *LOL*

    Its a nice train ride into NYC and GF knows I always enjoy a day walking around in the city and I can find plenty to do while she is shopping. then we always have a nice dinner or see a show if we can get tickets .

    I already told her dad I am no Arnold Palmer , i play with a few friends just to have a good time. So he shouldn't be shocked if we play Peeble Beach and I fall off one of those cliffs into the ocean *LOL*

    By the way , i was toodleing around the HAL website (I like looking at all the different cruiselines and ships to get a visual of the ships everyone talks about here) and I saw "your" Maasdam. What a beautiful ship, no wonder you love it so much.

    Saw a pic of one of the Verandah suites and its just gorgeous . Who knows maybe if I marry into Palm Springs society I will be spending a lot of time in one of those :)
    I better let her father win at golf *LOL* JUST KIDDING!!!

    Take care
  17. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    Hi debi d, hope to see you there. i love cruising, A few more months to go.
  18. Amy

    Amy Guest

    I was on the "O" when it was inspected (Juneau, June 14th) and the crew was so happy to receive the perfect score of 100. At the show that night, they must have announced it 10 times. :)
  19. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    It is a wonderful accomplishment. Who can blame them for being very excited their hard work was recognized? It must have been very good news for the pax to know they were dining on food from a kitchen rated so great by USPH.
  20. I am glad they got things in order. On our cruise in April, a lot of people became sick. I got the dreaded cruise virus two days into the trip. A lot of people came down with flu-like symptoms. It did not help that a toilet overflowed on the main corridor and raw sewage backed up into the hall. They never shampooed the rug for the entire trip, and all of the passengers leaving the Vista theatre for the tenders tracked through this crap for a week.

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