Connecting Rooms and PVP

If i book online 2 rooms, that are connected in the deck scheme, is this a guarantee that i will receive connecting rooms on board?
I can't find another way to book connecting rooms online. I live in Europe and i tried to talk to PVP, but apparently their system does not work with international phone numbers or am i wrong?


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If you book on line working off the deck plans you should be OK. Although some cruise lines online plans sometimes are not quite completely reliable.
I am not sure how their phone lines work in your part of the world but I know in England certain lines have numbers for that country. Have you consider a Travel Agent for some starting advice.
The reservation is completed successfully via PVP. Thanks.
They can see the complete availability.
The only inconvenience from Europe is that we need to call them and they can't call us back or may be international calls are forbidden from their system.