Conniecat update 7/24


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I'm so sorry to come here tonight and read this. I pray Connie recovers enough to be able to go home. I miss her here on Addicts. I'm sure her kitties miss her something awful and she misses them.

H2O babe

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Thank you for letting us know Scrapbook Lady. I will get a card in the mail to her this week.

Prayers and good thoughts continue for her.



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Thank you for the update, but as others have said, not as good of report as we would have liked. I do hope her kitties are well cared for in her absence. I am sure they miss her as much as she misses them.


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Like all the others, I too was hoping for better news. My prayers continue for her. She is a fighter and I'm praying she will soon be well enough to go home and see her furbabies. We miss you Connie and hope to see you posting again soon!


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Thank you for the update. I do wish it was better news... I just hope she's comfortable and that the circulation in her legs improves soon.