Conniecat update 8/5/10

I spoke to Connie this evening and she is not doing well. Her son just left for a 2 week vacation. She is upset because they are telling her that she is not making improvements. They will evaluate her next week and decide what they are going to do with her. The skin on her feet is starting to die. Her voice is weak and she is sometimes hard to understand.

She has taken out a loan to pay for the next 2 weeks and is thinking about applying for medicaid. Right now she is looking for a FOSTER home for Simon, so far no luck.

She is staying at the
The Cedars at the JCA
13190 South Outer 40 Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Room 2223


Forever Remembered
I'm beyond heartbroken to read this, Scrapbook Lady. What about Maxie and Scooter, in addition to Simon?

Do you know if Simon, in particular, has ever had interaction with dogs?


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I was sure hoping the news would be better. Sounds like depression is setting in as well as all her other issues. I wish her all the best. We miss her on the ramble and her stories & pictures of the terrible trio.


Cruise cutie

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I also am heartbroken on a professional and personal is as I had feared, and now it is coming to pass..sigh..please let her know my prayers continue, and I hope the trio has some viable options for care..thanks for taking the time to update..hugs Joanne


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I am so sorry to hear this but I've been afraid for a while now that perhaps she had reached a point where she wasn't going to be able to return home to her Simon. I would think that she might have a case worker that would help give her some direction in regards to medicaid.

I am so very sorry that she is in this situation. Wishing her the best. Thank you for the update.


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This is so heartbreaking. I just hope there is someone there advocating for Connie.

Many prayers for our dear Connie....


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All of us have feared this would come to pass for our dear Connie....We can still pray for miracles or at the least that she finds some comforts in the struggles ahead. It is hearbreaking for us all and I can't even begin to think how it must be for Connie and her loved ones.....
None of the cats have had exposure to dogs. Simon is a shy character, except around Connie. I believe the other 2 cats have homes. It was hard to understand her last night because her voice was so weak. Her son has been helping with the medical decisions and the elders at her place of worship.

I don't know what to do or what to say to her. Her fur babies are VERY VERY important to her.


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So sorry the update didn't bring better news. I sent a card this week hopefully it will lift her spirts a little. I hope someone special takes the furbabies & love them like she has.
Prayers & well wishes continue from MN.
Thanks Scrapbook Lady for the update.

H2O babe

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I am sorry to read that Connie's health continues to decline.

I sent a card and hope that she knows that many of us here are thinking of her and keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for continuing to update us.


So sorry to hear this report on Connie. Do hope they contact right agency to help her make her future plans. It is hard to accept but the sooner you know your possibles and accept them the better chance of good decisions. Worked with Medicaid [program for 25 years. She does need a good case worker to work in her behalf... A few yers ago when they first suggested Paw go to extended care I vetoes it and you see what happened to me I ended up there too. By going paw and I got the right therapy and were able to return to our own home. we had so many good caregivers who came into home to help until we were ready to care for selves.

red stripe

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I am so sorry to hear this. And I know that as much as she loves her animals, their fate must weigh heavily on her.

Scrapbook lady, can you get particulars about all the animals?
their ages, and as Mary Ann said.. if they interact well with dogs.

Someone reading this may be willing to adopt them.

I would not offer her this hope, in case it does not pan out, or is not needed. But some facts on the animals might be of help.

Please tell her that we all send her a hug, and that she is missed.

Scrapbook lady...I missed your response before. I am glad that two have found homes, and I am sure that Simon will find one soon.


Donna - dsw

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So sorry to hear about her health issues. I hope she stays comfortable and gets a good home for her pets. I took have sent her a card - I am sure it will help her to know her addict friends are here and care


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This is very sad.......we all had hoped that Connie would stabilize and be able to go back home. Glad the other 2 kitties have found homes and wish for just the right home for Simon.

Thanks for keeping us updated SBL. Connie is always on our minds and in our hearts and prayers.


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I am running out the door now, and post this with tears in my eyes. My thoughts and prayers continue for Connie... that she is able to cope with her condition, the isolation, and the need to find homes for her babies (which I know was very difficult). Prayers are certainly continuing and have been upped a few notches. Please send her our best.

Excellent advice, as always, maw.


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It breaks my heart to hear she is not getting along too well. I pray that soon Connie cat will see better days. (((HUGS)))


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I've just put in a call to Pucci's Veterinarian to see if she might have any suggestions or know someone. This is so tragic.


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I wish the news was better on Connie and am saddened to read that it's not. I do hope they find good homes for her kitties. I wish I could take one but not sure they would do well with Zsa Zsa. I will def keep my ears open for anyone though that might be a candidate as I am within driving distance of Conne. Also, I would be willing to drive a relay if any addicts out there would like to take in Simon. I am in the metro St Louis area and would be willing to pick up Simon and drive with him to meet up with someone that might be interested or to another addict to keep the relay going to a greater distance. Hope that makes some sense.