Conniecat update 8/5/10


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Not at all what we were hoping to hear. Prayers will continue. I am sure her furbabies are weighing on her mind. . . .


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Whimsy, believe me, the wheels are turning in my head, too.....

Since Simon is declawed, he would have to remain a house cat (indoors). Connie mentioned many times that Simon is very timid and afraid of things. Remember when her friend brought a dog there, and Simon went in another room and hid? So I'm sure he's no threat to a dog.

I wish I could take him. My problem is our cat. He goes outside every day (but stays in the backyard) and Simon would want to follow him, I'm sure. Not good since he's declawed.

We used to have a Siamese Cat at home when we were young. They are the best! And so smart!

So I called my sister, who loves Siamese Cats, and I know she'd love to have him. But the problem is her daughter who is allergic. When I told my sister about Simon, she was very interested, even willing to give it a try with her daughter (who is in her 20's). She's wondering if it would work, now that she is older? And then, she's at the age where she may move out soon too....BUT if daughter would be allergic, then what?

Before Simon would go to a shelter, I would think of something! And of course, Connie would have the final say for sure.....I want to see Simon end up in a good home, as I'm sure Connie does too.


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it is so dad to read this I send connie a card last week and will send another today.
I know in my heart that someone will come up with something to find Simon a home he was so special to Connie. prayers will continue


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I too am so sad to read this. Which I could take Simon but I have 4 dogs andd poor simon would spend all his time hiding around these 4. I'll put the word out and see if anyone comes up with something. My son would do it also but he has a dog and 2 cats. Most of my friends have dogs. Again so very sorry to hear this news. Many prayers headed her way.



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So sorry to read this news. :(
I wished I could take Simon but with 3 dogs, 2 of which are ill and a cat I don't think he would be comfortable. I hope we can find him a loving home so Connie will at least know he us happy and cared for.
I will call my vets on Monday too, I know one of the young receptionists is a big cat lover.
Sending Connie hugs and lots of positive thoughts.

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Barbara, I had you in mind when I posted asking for more information.

As I know all too well how lucky any animal would be to live with you, and I know your big heart. But the dog issue stops that, and also us.

We only have one dog left now, and buttons is 16 years old and also very timid.
So we would end up with two traumatized animals I fear.

And Whimsy, that is a very generous offer you made in regards acting as a cog in a transportation link if needed. IF it comes to this, and with Connie's blessing someone is found to take care of Simon, then perhaps a few of us could help out also.
Mary Ann, that is also a generous thing that you are doing. But I know first hand how good you are towards animals. I have a reminder every day that I look at the white bear.

But hopefully IF Simon has to be relocated, someone near might step forward. As going by my cats and dogs.. usually a shy animal does not tolerate travel too well.

But even as I type this.. I hope and pray that Connie beats the odds, and can be reunited with her "family"



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Where there is life, there is hope, and even though Connie's condition sounds bleak, there's always a chance. Connie, if anyone can come out of it, you can, so keep up the fight!


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I am with Jacquie in that I think that Connie is a fighter! and will give it all she has got to make it home to the 'terrible trio'.



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I too wish, with all my heart that Connie can fight this and get back home again.....praying for that miracle.

But Scrapbook Lady did say in the original post that Connie was looking for a foster home for Simon, with no luck so far...

I am really trying to figure something out to help connie with fostering Simon.


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VERY sorry to hear about Connie. All of you trying to help relocate Simon are truly angels...but I too will keep my fingers crossed that she will be reunited with him somday soon.


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I so wish I could take in Simey as he has always had a special place in my heart...but between my Georgie and Louie and the fact that Bella does not like other cats we would not be a good fit....I so hope someone can find a good home for our Simon who we all watched blossom from a scared stray kitty to the beautiful cat he became through the eyes of our Connie Cat's photo lense.

Connie, our thougths and prayers continue to be with you my friend.


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I am so saddened and heart sick to read this news. I haven't been on cruise-addicts much lately as my father is ill. And I was sure hoping for better news on Connie. If it wasn't for my dog, I would take Simon in a heartbeat and find some way to get him here.

My prayers continue for Connie. God does grant miracles and with all of us praying her her, there's always hope.


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I am so sorry to hear about Connie - a wonderful giving woman who I met and friended on this board.

I have a timid cat who is not socialized and I would take Simon but fear that it would traumatize my Lulu. All that said if Simon winds up with absolutely no home and no other option & we can find a way to get him out here then I will take him.

Sending all my thoughts and prayers -



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Mary Ann - That is very sweet of you. I can't bear to see Simon with no loving home and I think he could be happy here. He is a beautiful boy. Lulu will just have to get over herself, the little diva :D

I hope that all this is not as it seems and someday Connie can go home.



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Bless you, Meg.

I've shot an email off to Scrapbook Lady. Once I hear back from her, I'll try to figure out a way to get Simon up to Meg.

Mary Ann


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that would be so wonderful if meg could take simon it brings tears to my eyes every time I think of connie and i know she had a special place in her heart for Simon.
g-d bless you Meg