Conniecat update 8/5/10


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The only help I can offer is to chip in towards the cost of moving Simon. I just hope that all these plans end up just that -- plans.


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I would also chip in to help in the moving costs. I do have a friend who belongs to a volunteer service that helps animals travel to new homes. They divide the driving up between them. She is on the East Coast but I know they travel long distances between the group.
Connie would thrilled to know her baby is being cared for, she can then put her mind, body and soul into her recovery!


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Karin and Barbara - I'm certain that Connie would be relieved to know this.

Yes, I think all of us following this disturbing thread will also be relieved to know Connie's beloved cats have found good homes.

I'm under the impression that nothing can be done until Connie's son returns from vacation.


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Very sad to hear this news, I was hoping things would turn around. Hope they find a home for her love ones. Only if I could take one but I can only have two in our apartment. clueless and Jersey has taken the spot