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Conquest "Cruise from Hell" 2/22/04

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Nanette, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. In my honest opinion, perhaps the "Cruise from Hell" topic was a little harsh and is the reason for the comments that followed.

    Glad that it worked out and you had a good time.
    Also glad that you are happy with Carnivals offer and loved the ship.
  2. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    Thanks for sharing your story
    I feel for you and really appreciate your story
    I have been waiting since October for my well
    deserved vacation in two weeks
    and if I encounter the same problems I would be
    and really that's all you were doing was showing us your
    I am so glad you didn't let this ruin your vacation

    thanks for the story

    16 days til PARADISE

  3. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    lizardstew - thank you so much! On that "other" board, I got trashed because I had a recent registration date, among other things. When I posted that I had worked as a TA for a number of years, I got trashed. If I tried to say that RCI cabins were "tiny", I got trashed. If I tried to explain that I didn't have good luck with Carnival getting price reductions after final payment, I got trashed. I once politely told a poster who "claimed" to have sailed on one RCI ship 18 times that I basically didn't believe him, and got a "harassment" notification. I saw more name-calling, flaming, and downright trash talk than would ever appear on an MTV chat board, and just got fed up with it. I'd heard before that this particular Board protected "favored" posters and allowed outrageous posts to continue. This site (and Cruise Mates, too) really attempts to give good advice. I apologized to Nanette (hope she saw it), and I thank you again for your warm welcome. I guess you just have to experience garbage before you can appreciate the real thing.
  4. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    You're most welcome, dd!

    Nannette: :grin

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