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Conquest Sept 28th anyone else?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by amya, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    LSUTigerGirl: Tigers won, where are you? Must be planning her wedding, obviously stuff not as important as posting "GO TIGERS" here. (Actually, I recall her saying she was driving to Austin to pick up her sister and back to NO).

    Amy, man, the Sooner's are kicking butt! Have me worried about the UT (Texas, Debbi) -v- OU game coming up later in the season. I'm sure your not worried.

    Vols won against Florida, YEAH!

    Yeah, UT won against Rice, but I don't call that a game, more like when Michigan played Notre Dame,(Sorry Rembrant, they are just not doing well this year???), both weeks, though Oregon upset Michigan last night

    AND Finally, BAMA LOST to a team I've never hear of before, N. Illinois?

    and so it goes...
  2. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Turkeyman, did your neighbor ever decide to write a review? I think I will write one after I get back, but I promise, WHAT HAPPENS ON THE SHIP OR IN THE PORTS OF CALL, STAYS THERE! ;-)

  3. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest


    I've read on various posts where some plan ahead and complete documents prior to arrival to make boarding smooth. What documents are they talking about? How can I access/download these and from where? Sun & Sail Form? Other?

    Anyone? Thanks in advance, Don
  4. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Don, all that stuff should have came with your docs? Mine did last time and this time also. Just fill out everything that came in your packet. If you didn't get anything that asked for your credit card no. to secure your sail and sign, contact your TA and see what the procedure is. (I still end sentences with a verb).

    This is the last night to watch the ship sail online. Next week, we'll be ON IT waving at the other computer wishers. I saw it this morning, online, before leaving to go to work. It docked about 4:30.

    Speedo???? I bought that one on a dare. Might wear it......one day on the cruise....still haven't decided. Didn't think anyone would pick up on it emeshed in that thread, but I guess............ It's a real skimpy thang, but I saw women last April with a lot less on. (There's that verb again).

    Email me if you have any questions on the docs.
  5. amya

    amya Guest


    If you will wear your speedo i will wear my bikini

  6. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

  7. Z3Racergirl

    Z3Racergirl Guest

    Ok, one last time:
    WAY TO GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, back to the topic-

    Tim- 99.9% sure that we will do Chankanaab Park in Cozumel as well. Been there many times and it is beautiful; Nachi Cocum, and Playa Beach are kind of screaming for a visit , too - thus the indecisiveness.

    Beads- Not enough to outfit everyone in the same kind. The most I have in one color is 16 strands of purple. So, what I need you to do is line up at the bow of the ship for a little game of Russian Roulette- if you win you get beads; if you lose you are featured on the Shark's Dinner menu, and so on.. until everyone has matching beads.. :)
    For the fainthearted, never fear I'll make it easy - I am an incredible sharpshooter
    ( Ok, that part really is true - "I luv' me some firing range".)
    Geez- that sounds way too morbid upon re-reading it. Bad, Bad, Debbi- report to gangplank..
    So, getting leid with the matching bead thing is out, (No doubt we will each be representing with our own choice of beads .), we have decided on Channel 3/ 10 on the radios, I've been thinking about some sort of name/title we could crown our crew with and looking for input - Think general PA announcement-ish just for our channel on the radios -- like:

    " (Toga Crew,???)_________ , most of us are up near the water slide if you want to join us."


    " Attention , (Dream team)(insert your idea here) , Grab cameras and proceed to lido deck, aft, Norm and the Speedo have emerged.."

    Oh, Lord, something tells me I am really going to pay for that one... :) <I am cracking up>

    Norm, Can you use any kind of CD to share the pics? I just bought a whole CASE of 80 min 700MB CD-R 's from Office Max. I will donate enough for everyone if you can use them. Just let me know, and alas, I will have made a decision about my first item to pack. Yep, you all are reading right- havent even selected the first dress, shoe, or anything else. Guess I need to hush up and get busy ~~ Night nite
  8. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Didn't know the ole speedo would raise that many eyebrows! Showed it to my son and he begged me not to wear it. Please, dad, please!!!! However..........At 51, one had bettter go ahead and ........ if I want to?.........(I swear I can hear the term "old fart" when I'm in WalMart and get in someones way). But anyway, I just might catch some rays with it, (like maybe at 2 am).

    Racergirl, the CDs you bought will work perfect. I use the cheapest ones they sell. Every week some place has em on sale, (office depot, office max, best buy, etc).
  9. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Racergirl, we're doing Chankanaab Park as well on the Dolphin Swim, then likely Jodi wants to go shopping afterwards. I think Sue & Ron are going with. (Sue, where are you?)

    The CD's sound great! Please let me know what I can to to contribute on this. If you want, I can have my pic's developed on disk, and I can email photo's to Norman for collection/collaberation if you all want as well. I'm sure with everyone here taking various pictures throughout this trip, some very interesting photo's might pop up. ;-)

    Thanks to all for the advice on the documents. I guess I should have read my packet closer and seen everything was there.

    Norman, if you want to wear a Speedo, bottoms up!

    WOW, 5 days, 21 hours etc... Woo Hoo! Now to just tackle this busy week and it's clear sailing on Sunday!
  10. Z3Racergirl

    Z3Racergirl Guest

    Ok, it's official, CD's will lead the packing ceremony. Oh, if I could only choose something to wear - then the packing could really get going. Wish it were only a matter of choosing a Speedo, Norm..haha. Maybe thats why I never had kids- my behavior would only embarrass them at some point.. Perhaps. As for me, there will be no itty bitty swimwear. I'm tall and thin enough, yet there are some places the sun just aint meant to shine , and I think a one piece is much more attractive on me. To each his own, aye? Cheers!
    I got a bit bummed today- going over the 7 day menus, I noticed that the 2nd formal night falls on the day we've been in Mexico. I'm not sure what the theory behind that move was- Formal nights are always really popular - the ship filled with all the 'beautiful people' running about. However, on every cruise I've taken with Cozumel as a port- the dining room was totally deserted that same night ; with the exception of a handful of people - they are either die-hard party animals, or they never discovered the tequila in Mexico, or they just dont drink. Carlos and Charlies and late dinner seating just dont fall into the same day for most of us average folks. Michael isnt about to let Cozumel rob him of formal night, (and, remembering him in his tails , I'm ok with his plan.)

    I thought of a name for this crazy bunch. Originally thought Miami Vice would be cool- (with Don Johnson and all, and the Crockett/Tubbs quotes from Dan) , then I remembered every time one of us said the words Miami Vice, one of those Carnival waiters will be on you faster than you can blink , requesting your signature for the drink you just unknowingly ordered. ( They are good frozen drinks, by the way. Half strawberry daq. and half pina colada swirled together. yummy! ) With that said, I think I have christened us the "Vice Squad". Any takers? Alternative Ideas for a group name ?

    Dan, are you all going to SWIM with the Dolphins? That is like the coolest thing ever- EVER !!
  11. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    Speedos and bikinis, eh folks? Well, I'll save you all the horror of me in a speedo and just stick with my trunks. :)

    Welp, I think we have everything ready to go, no we just need to finish laundry and actually PACK!

    Oh hey, okay, so channels 3 and 10 are ours then, yes? Okay, here's a question for you radio-savvy people out there. I can set on my radios a channel, and then something like a sub-channel or the like? Like if my radio is on channel 10 sub 5 and the wife is on 10 sub 1, we can't hear each other. Anyone know what I'mm talking about vaguely? And if so, shall I just keep mine set to sub 1 on our channels to get ahold of ya'll and keep up with everyone? Just wonderin :)

    Oh and hey, I sent a newer pic to most of you (I think) of both the wife and me :) If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll send again :)

  12. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    God thank you no on the Miami Vice thing! I've been living with this all through the 80's, 90's and still it stays alive. It's not really until now, since I'm self employed, that I don't mind the name recognition. College in the 80's was hell, sitting in a "class" of 50 or so fellow students, hearing roll call, having my name called and all the sudden turns to look to see who it is, and then only to get the disappointed looks after each time. "YOUR Not Him!" I'm still in therapy as we speak.... Ah, the 80's. <g>

    Vice Squad sounds loose and fun, and vicarious, which makes it all the more fun. It gets my vote!

    Hmm, formal in Cozumel doesn't make sense to me either. Seems like these would be exclusive to the at-sea days. Oh well, we'll just have to be one of the fewer of the Beautiful People that night.

    Rembrant, the subchannels will do just that, change your ability to communicate, so I recommend leaving or setting it to chennel 3, sub channel 1. I sound like I know what I'm doing, it was only after trying to talk to my kids on last ski trip over half a day did I finally learn how to do this... (and, no, haven't gotten your pic's yet).

    Well, back to work...
  13. DK Cincy

    DK Cincy Guest

    I hate Mondays. What makes this one bearable....is that I leave in 5 days!!!!!! We had a great weekend here in the 'Nati, supposedly the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany and a good Steelers-Bengals rivalry. Prepping the liver for the cruise....but by the time I hit last night I think I saw it running down a side street cursing my name.

    Speaking of which- Deb- no more drinking and posting! Russian Roulette??

    I'll probably pass on the dolphin rides at Chaka-Khan park. Gotta dive. The reefs and walls at the dive sites at Coz are just completely amazing, and with the park protection, the fish, lobsters, rays, etc. are huge. My favorite spot so far but I have yet to try Cayman. I'm probably going to dive mornings and meet up with whomever for the afternoon- except Jamaica, I think Margaritaville and the adjacent beaches there sound really cool, and the diving doesn't.

    Channel 3 and 10 for the Vice Squad- check, although I'm down to one radio with the other on a mountainside in CO.

    It's all about the power nap after Carlos and Charlies before the formal dinner. God bless late seating. Do we want to all make reservations at the Point and have a group dinner, maybe on a formal night?

    Question for you experienced cruisers: We're not going to be in any hurry to get on the boat, probably do a lazy brunch in the Quarter. What's the best time to get on board that minimizes the wait? Me no lines like.

    Don- My apologies to throwing down the Crockett bomb, I'm sure it's a crutch. I probably would have given in and donned the white leisure suit and gator loafers.
  14. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Cincy, When we went to the pier about a month ago, the Carnival folks said that after 2 is when the mad rush starts to cool down a little. Between 12 and 2 is really crowded. So.....get there early or a little late if you don't like suck confusion. At any rate, that's why we are going to get there early.

    Vice Squad.....has a ring to it doesn't it? Sounds good to me. What's this about a radio with sub channels? Guess this 10 dollar set didn't make the "sub" class of channels....but it has 14 real channels.

    3 more days to work.
  15. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    DK, no problem! I still get asked whether I wear socks or not, go figure. It could be worse, I could be Michael Jackson...

    We're definately doing the Point one night. It sounds to good not to try it.

    The Vice Squad Group Rules!
  16. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Ok Don.... Did Suzie fall off the earth. Haven't heard from her since Thur. Did she ever get another "ride" after the van incident? If they need a ride from PCola, I'll send them a freight train schedule from there to NO.
  17. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    Hey Guys....Woo Hoo!!!!! 5 more days and were livin the Good Life!!!!!

    I've been checkin the posts, it's just been so busy....seems like everyone wants to either buy or selll a house this week....Geez.....don't they know I'm trying to get ready for my vacation!!!!! Don't they know I'm going on a Cruise??? Not that I'm complaining.....
    Lord knows I need to earn all the money I can so I can buy me lots of those Fruity Tropical Drinks with the cute umbrella's.

    Hey Turkeyman..... thanks, for your offer on the freight schedule, but I think I would like to ride in that Limo instead....and I won't care if you wear your new speedo's either :)

    Donny...you forgot to mention the 70's,.... you know.... when you convinced us you were the "real" Donny Osmond. oh... the memeries... lol

    I'm know I'm going to forget something so I was hoping, maybe.... like on Friday or Saturday we can go over the list of stuff to pack again. I don't want to be running to Wally World at 3:00 o'clock in the morning looking for........ I guess it doesn't matter, I'll be too excited to sleep anyway :)

    Now about this new group name.....Hmm....Vice Squad,.... yeah...I can see it.....sounds good.....I just have two questions.... are you allowed more than one Vice each??? and curious to know what everyone's is????
  18. amya

    amya Guest

    The vice squad sounds good to me. We were thinking of going to the point of the last night of the cruise. Just let us know what everytone else wants to do.

  19. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Well, slow posting today. Has it all been said?.....Has the lady sang yet?
    I know my finger's on the trigger, ready to go.
    Do you find yourself, during the day, asking ....What else is there to do? Am I forgetting something? If your answer is "yes," then you're not alone.
    Me and Chestnut have that golf tourney in New Orleans Saturday. They say it's supposed to rain. I don't care. If it rains Sat.......It'll be good weather SUNDAY!!!!!!!
  20. Dthom54

    Dthom54 Guest

    Wow! The clock is ticking for you guys. I have been reading some of the posts. Sounds like you all are going to have a very good time. Wish we were on your cruise so we could party along with you. It won't be long until you have 400 posts. Just adding to the pile. Maybe you could take all those bungie cords and connect them together and wrap them around the group for a picture. I have mine packed already for October. My neighbors said that is SO stupid. I'll be laughing at them when their door won't stay open. I have learned so much from reading your thread. Have FUN! FUN! FUN!
    Can't wait to read the reviews from some of you.

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