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Conquest Sept 28th anyone else?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by amya, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Welcome Diane! This is a great bunch here, and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and laughing and having fun for 7 days!

    Laugh at your neighbor instead when their door slams shut. I have also learned quite a bit from here as well.

    Been busy non-stop it seems today, and still more to do, which is a good thing as it makes the time get closer - 4 Days, 13 Hours, 2 min until we fly to NO and then on to the ship!

    Yes, Norman, yesterday I kept asking myself those very questions. Still have to pick up the dry cleaning and I think then all that's left is last minute laundry, light cleaning and finally packing Saturday evening.

    Um, yes I think I'll have another of those pretty drinks...
  2. Dthom54

    Dthom54 Guest

    If any of you are going to be in New Olreans the night before you sail try and check out the Cat's Meow on Bourbon Street and also the Funky Pirate on Bourbon. Happy hour at Cat's starts at 5:00 I think. They have a blues singer at Funky Pirate named BIG AL
    Carson who plays every night beginning at 9:00. He is wonderful. He weighs 495 pounds and will keep you laughing all night. I will be there with a group of friends this weekend. Now I know ya'll don't want to feel bad on Sunday, do 'ya? Truly though, if you want to have some fun in Nawlins' those two places are so much fun. Daughter and I are going down to ship on Sunday A.M. to check it out. Ya'll have fun now, 'ya hear?!
  3. chestnut

    chestnut Guest

    Golf Saturday. Cruise Sunday, doesn't get any better than this.
  4. amya

    amya Guest

    I think we have fans now.
    I hope everyone is doing okay. I got strept throat on Sunday a penicillin shot on Monday and today I am beginning to feel better. I think this what I get for joking about calling in sick and maybe for spending 40 + hours a week with sick people. They (other nurses) keep telling me I will build up my immune system. I hope it is soon. I refuse to be sick for this cruise. For now antibiotics will have to do.

    Happy packing to all.

  5. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    Ho boy Amy, I hope that goes away for you before the cruise. for you and me :p I have the worst time with strep and still haven't had my tonsils out.. kinda late now.. oh well. GET BETTER! :)

    The wife and I finished trying on all the clothes we are taking and I need to take back two shirts to Famous.. too long in the arm :p ah well. We are packing tomorrow and then the rest of the week is booked up until the cruise!

    bedtime for me though, night all, talk to ya'll tomorrow :)

  6. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    This will be my last Post to the "Vice Squad". I am leaving for a business trip (so I told my wife) I will be staying at the Marriott Courtyard Friday Night. Saturday afternoon I go to Mario's Produce Supply on St. Charles Street and put on my special jumpsuit and climb into the lettuce crate marked "Iceberg Lettuce Handle With Care". I will then be put on a truck and driven to the Julia Street Pier and wait until early Sunday morning when they load me into the Conquest with a Fork Lift. I will be using my snorkel to breathe. My crate will then be put into cooler number 5 which is a drive-in refrigerator.
    It is important that one of you come and get me before 6pm or I might get hypothermia!
    Once out, I will buy rounds of drinks all week long as long as someone puts me up on their balcony for the week. If no one comes to get me, I wouldn't eat the salad towards the end of the week (if yah know what I mean!)

    See Yah!
  7. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    Oi.. I hate insomnia.. well, this isn't quite insomnia as it is excitement for the upcoming trip to heaven with ya'll.

    Sodey, if I thought for half a missouri minute you'd be there, I'd load the Mission Impossible theme song onto my MP3 player and come get ya ;) Heh, there'd be one for the record books.. I've gotten kicked outta wal-marts, eat-rites, steak n shake, grocery stores and even Busch stadium.. I wasn't a delinquent, mind you.. just a lil overly ambitions when it came to testing boundries and having fun with friends :)

    Ah well.. time to try and hit the hay again.. night folks :)

  8. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Ok Tim, it looks like we have our mission: Code Name CONQUEST SODEY LETTUCE: Liberate Sodey from Cooler #5 no later than 1800 EST. I suggest we wear cruise-camouflage so as not to be noticed to much. I'll use my issued Parot-Head/FloraBama shirt and sandals.

    To keep our approach inconspicuous we should first head to the Lido deck upon boarding, mingle with the "civilians" and order a few native festival drinks. Then I suggest finding our onboard operative, code name Racergirl. She'll be the one with multi-colored mardi gras beads (mostly purple I think), and will be walking around asking the secret statement, "are you with the Vice Squad?" To which we will reply, "Why yes! Have you been a naughty girl?"

    Upon establishing contact, we will get operative Racergirl to help us gather part of our team, Turkeyman - aka "SPEEDO" (which I presume suggest he's a damned fast SEABEE), his female partner Angelia (likely for her angelic-like charm). They'll break off and contact Amy and Dave, A tough red Headed Nurse and her partner, (I hear looks a little like Tobey Keith, so that will act as a further diversion to other female passengers, so my wife tells me).

    Racergirl and her partner Michael -aka- "Tux" will visually ID her local contact (having just met the night before on Bourbon Street to establish rapport), code name DK Cincy and his back up. This will entail further subversive activities (I suggest loud boisterous laughing and bead throwing to minimize any suspicion), to climax in our main diversion before freeing our compadre from the iceberg depths of this prison to paradise.

    The teams will synchronize final activity via radio contact at 1700 EST. (you all should have your primary and back up channels at this point, if not go back in posts to find secret channel).

    SuzieQuzie and partner Rapacious Ron will queue in and start the final diversion to attract all attention while we break away to free our target. She'll start a CONGA LINE! (Suzie, you have three days to practice with your 7 kids, father-in-law and various clients you have recently roped into your tangled web of business dealings. You should be a pro when you arrive).

    I'm afraid we can expect little from our LSU contact, Tigergirl and new husband as they have a secret sub-mission, to find their room and practice ancient matrimonial ceremonies for the first (and legal) time.

    Sodey, hang in there, it all depends on: (fill in the blank)

    Who's excited? ;-) Me?

    Post Edited (09-24-03 06:55)
  9. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest


    Don you had me rolling at work :) My office-mate wondered what the hell was going on.. I showed him and it didn't make sense to him until I let him read some past posts :)

    Ahhh, 2 and a hlaf days left til departure from St. Louis.

    I'm goin stir crazy.. anyone else?

  10. amya

    amya Guest

    Well we may have jumped the gun a bit but amy and i are packed. Well twice that is, amy unpacked last night from one suitcase to another. tonight will be my turn to unpack and repack. This will be a nightly ritual until we board the big bird sunday morning. Sounds a little crazy but we find it calming therapy. keeps us from meandering in circles and mumbling amongst ourselfs. If the tension builds we might make a dry run to the airport just as to make sure they haven't moved it and put in a super wal-mart. If they have we will procede in and buy somthing i'm sure. Everyone have a great day and dont forget to set your alarms saturday evening before we turn in, that is if anyone will be able to sleep. i won't thats for sure.
  11. DK Cincy

    DK Cincy Guest

    Packed?? That's what Saturday's for! Don't forget your duct tape , drinking boots, and toga-sheet. Come to think of it, I'm not sure there's much else to take. Amy, no making out with the group with that strep. Dave- take care of that. Here's to a full recovery by...Sunday!

    Don, that really is funny, but dude, crack is bad for you. Sounds like a good plan, but if it fails our dear Sodey could end up as tossed salad.

    Deb has wisely and graciously pointed out a scheduling conflict (to my benefit) at 10pm Sunday, so could we look to another meeting spot? Earlier? 4pm, Lido, Main Pool by the stage? I'm assuming a band will be playing then....and that a meeting spot hasn't already been decided.

    D to the K representin' fo' the Vice Squad

  12. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    I've got one more day before I can sing the "Johnny Paycheck." ONE MORE!!!!! Oh, what a relief that will be. I'm packed and ready. Remeber, way back when, this thread began??? August 9. To quote the "Grateful Dead,"...."What a long, strange trip it's been."
  13. Z3Racergirl

    Z3Racergirl Guest

    I Love you Guys!! I know, Women fall fast, huh? This time next week we will be leaving Montego Bay. Despite the abundant poverty on land, that is a really beautiful port to sail in and out of - perhaps the blue-est blue ocean of all.

    Don- Awesome plan! I Love the 'operative' reference. Makes me feel like Jennifer Garner on Alias. Now, If I just had a platinum blonde wig... -- OH Wait- I do ! ( I'll spare you all that scene, though I pondered donning it on toga night.) You are a master story teller. I bet you can get away with some whopper fibbing.

    Sodey- I will assist in your release, though I cant offer you a place to sleep. Michael and I are down in the Po' Folks level with no balcony - only a window. It could be worse, we started out with bunks. I'm serious. Woo- hoo-- how romantic would THAT have been?

    Amy- Feel better soon, if you like yogurt and are taking antibiotics - eat a cup of yogurt every day - you will get better much more quickly. In nearly half the time. In case you've never heard this-- it isnt just my opinion, it is fact, and I'll explain when I see you and you're all better. Toby Keith?? I dont have any idea who he is or what he looks like; that probably leads me to the country music aisle -- a place I've Never been- All VOLS fans are not country music~Elvis lovin' hillbillies... LOL ( ok, most are... just not me)

    Dan- 4 on Lido is fine with us, providing , of course, that we've actually boarded at that point. We are really anxious to explore the ship, so we may not stay put for long. There are two pools on that deck. The Sky Pool is all the way at the end, and throughout the week, I'll probably end up hanging there more than the main pool in the middle with the stage - The sky pool is not as crowded, and it is right beside the Pizzeria! Like Tim, the pizza is one of my favorites. (Remind me to tell you all a funny story about pizza/ Carlos and Charlies.)

    Speaking of C&C's , my last "power nap" after a day in that place--- lasted ....overnight... LOL What a time! Everyone on my souvenier list also became the proud owner of their very own Carlos and Charlie's shot glass ! They have this chick 'armed' with shot glasses and a bottle of something ?? floating around the crowd, you buy a shot for 2 or 3 bucks and keep the glass- but the fun thing is the little routine she does as she's serving you the shot. Has this whistle thing going- very Donna Summery --" Toot -Toot- Hey - Beep -Beep " , Then , ( according to the video and not my memory ) she wiggles your ears and does a bunch of other things. I had a blast. Michael has no desire to go there - He just doesnt do "ROWDY " with a capital R very well. We are compromising - he has reluctantly agreed to attire himself in a sheet - mostly to shut me up. :)
    Speaking of, if I dont start packing soon, I'll be having my own little toga party -- all 7 days...:)
  14. amya

    amya Guest

    Just in case anyone is wondering I can handle rowdy places parties etc.

    I am feeling better already except for my rear where I got a shot.

    I also need some clarification on the appropriate clothing for the above mentioned mission. Is this a case where less is more?

  15. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Amy, glad your feeling better, and of course, less is always more, though Dave might not agree, at least in public. <g>

    Rowdy parties? HA! Bring 'em on!

    Debbi, glad you and Tim liked the story line. I'm just a frustrated writer at heart. You should see some of my property descriptions when I advertise my listings.

    Turkeyman, what a long and strange, (and of course fun), trip I hope it becomes. The more to relive later when telling stories to my future grandkids of what we did on our vacation(s).

    DK, no crack here, pure Cristall! Natural High for Me! I get even higher when I'm having fun on vacations. (My poor wife swears I'm on speed when I vacation as I hate to sleep, literally).

    Poor Sodey, tossed salad if we don't rescue him.
  16. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Okay, what time are ya'll leaving home, heading for the rendevous point "Conquest?" We'll probably get to the dock around 10. I know that's early, but ......I was born early.
    If'in some of you are staying Sat. night in the city, try "Mothers" restaurant of "Cafe Dumonde" for a breakfast snack.

    Another question. Who'll be online at 4 Sunday morning to see our "taxi" come into port? Don't tell me you will still be asleep. I know better. The "ants in the pants" will have all us up extra early in antisipation.

    Don--Are you flying or driving.
    Racergirl--You're not coming in on the motorcycle are you?
    Susie--Did you get a new van, or are you going to hop the freight train like I suggested?
    Rembrandt--I believe you said you were coming in a 4x4? I'll be looking for ya.
    Dk--What's your transportation of choice.........and don't say "Crawling to the dock."
    Amy and Dave are catching a "Big Bird" out of OKcity Sunday am.
    I don't even want to guess how Sodey is getting to the city.
    Chestnut--he's coming with me and my entourage.
    LSUGirl--probably limo........

    For those of you spending the night. When someone hollers "Geaux Saints," be one of the crowd and holler with em. (The team needs all the help they can get).

    Night all. "One more day to work!!"
  17. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    Donny.... you crack me up!!!!! I love your sense of humor!!!! We're gonna have a BLAST!!!
    You know... all you guys are way to funny and witty... if this board is any indication of the type of people who go on these cruises,..... I'm going to need to get some Depends!!!
  18. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Don't go buy any...I got plenty for the cruise.
  19. amya

    amya Guest

    At 4:00 am on sunday Dave and I will be up and watching the ship as we get ready to go the airport.

  20. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Same here, up at 2, then 3 then 4 so I'll check out the board/cam at that time.

    We're flying in, so likely arriving around 12:30 - 1:00 from the airport.

    Depends? I thought my shorts came with that padding!

    Susie, what I love you about you, other than being my sister, is I could always make you laugh. :) (Must be genetic, cause I laugh all the time, and then mostly at myself)

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