Conquest Sept 28th anyone else?



My Wife and I are from St. Louis Missouri :) Dead center of nothing as far as the country is concerned, but the best Baseball team on the planet :) Seriously I love my city, even if I live in the county ;)

We'll be driving down on Saturday before.. anyone else driving? I know Turkeyman gets the limo treatment ;)



These were the prices in April. Don't know if they've changed much.

Montego Bay

Wet N Wild party Cruise 45.00
Ochos Rios & Dunns R. Falls 65.00
Rosehall Greathouse 39.00
Appleron Estate Rum Tour 59.00
Pirate Boat Cruise 47.00
Overland Tour & Black River Safari 49.00
Montego Highlights and Shopping 29.00
mountain Valley Rafting Tour 44.00
River Rafting the Martha Brae 49.00
Lethe Village Tour 39.50
Sea Trek Helmet Dive 39.50
Negril Beach Tour 51.00
Horseback Riding at Chukka Blue 79.00
4x4 Cross Country Adventure 78.00
Jungel River Tubing 75.00
Croydon Plantation 59.00
Montego Bay Beach Break 35.00
Coral Sea Sub-Ocean 39.00

Grand Cayman

Coral Reef $ Stingray Safari 63.00
Stingray Sandbar Tour 45.00
Stingray City Tour 45.00
Stingray City & Island Tour 59.00
Stingray City, Hell, & Turtle farm 59.00
Cockatoo Sailing & Stingray 58.00
Reef & Wreck Snorkel Tour 38.00
Grand Cayman Snorkel Tour 38.00
Beginners Scuba 89.00
Certified Scuba (2 tank) 85.00
Kayak Safari Tour 73.00
See & Sea Tour 53.00
Nautilus Ultimate Undersea Adventure 39.00
Luxuary Sailing Yacht Safir 89.00
The links at Safe Haven (Golf Tour) 140.00
Atlantis Submarine 89.00
Glass Bottom Boat 29.00
Cayjan Seven Mile Beach Break 19.50


Mayan Ruins of Tulum 79.00
Xcaret Eco-Archaeological Park 85.00
Tropical Jeep Safari Tour 89.00
Cozumel Highlights & Shopping 49.50
Island Adventure Snorkel 35.00
Catmaran Sail $ Snorkel 35.00
Marine Park Unlimited Snorkel 35.00
Cozumel Bike & Snorkel 35.00
Discover Scuba Diving 89.00
Certified 2 Tank Diving 75.00
Sea Trek Helmet Dive 89.00
Snuba 65.00
The Mayan Frontier by Horseback 79.00
Passion Island Adventure 68.00
Atlantis Submarine 85.00
Playa Sol Beach Break 28.50
Jeep Adventure to Paradise 79.00
Fiesta Party Boat 43.00
Eco Kayak Jungle Adventure 79.00
Aco Adventure By Jeep 75.00
Dolphin Encounter 99.00
Mermaid Sub Ocean View 43.00
Beach Buggy & Snorkel Combo 89.00
Hideaway Power Boat & Beach Break 95.00
All Terrain Eco Truck Adventure & Snorkel 77.00
Deep Sea Fishing 135.00


Hi All! I was searching for cruise reviews and came upon this thread. I'm SuzusQuzie's brother. We're all excited about the cruise, our first one as well. Ya'll sound like a fun bunch, so this cruise should be a blast.

How do you book the Capt Morgan Stingray trip -v- Carnivals? Anyone?

Susie, how many days left??? ;-)



Go Austin!!! So far I know of Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, and now ......a bit of trivia. I live 45 miles North of New Orleans, but don't live in Louisiana....Hmmmm........


Hey Bro.... :) Glad to see you stopped by. Turkeyman, Wow... thanks for the price list, now we have to figure out which ones to do...hmm...I've read the Stingray Tour with Captain Morgan, oops... I mean Marvin is much better than the one Carnival offers and cheaper. I think I'm going to research that.

Let me put that on my "List of things to do before we Cruise" I don't know about you guys, maybe it's just me...but I have about 3 or 4 different lists going... "Things to Buy", Things to Pack", Things to Do"....omg...I've turned into my husband. I do need a vacation ! Conquest Take Me Away......

According to Turkeyman's clock we have 33 days left. Yippie!!!


Hmmm, North of New Orleans eh? I'm guessing Mississippi, Turkeyman :)

And no, I haven't gotten my documentation yet here :( I'm awaiting eagerly so I have a couple weeks of reading and stuff to tide me over if I space it out right :)

Right now I'm pricing and shopping for a suit :) - and thinking about getting my diving Certification before the cruise.. hmmm, decisions, decisions.. Anyone among us here have their diving Certs?



this is amy's ole man. im a truckdriver, and i'm going to guess you live in poplarville,ms.
i'm sure im wrong but thats my guess. Had to get on here this morning, have been reading through all the stuff amy's parents brought back from the conquest. Now i find myself gettin excited. i spent my younger years in the navy, and the last ten years as a driver. i like to to be at home more than anywhere. That is until someone says "cruise ship", then i'm the one pushing people out of my way to sign me up. Ya'll have a great day, and we will see you soon.


That's pretty close Dave. Picayune is the place. Was in the Navy myself back in the 70's. Yep, gets closer to the day and the more excited I get. The wife is too, but she don't let on like it does. Anyway, looking forward to seeing everybody in Sept.


Ah well.. I had the State right at the least :p

Definately need those documets to tide me over.. I'm starting to drive my coworkers crazy with all my talk of a cruise ;) especially considering ho wcusy we are gonna be when I leave ;)



Look at all these Navy dawgs! Actually that was the last time I was on a cruise, on a Frigate out of Norfolk, late 70's - early 80's, though I doubt I had the service we'll be getting when we all arrive. Hmm, as I remember, I was the one doing the service...

Hey Suzie! You excited yet???

So, where's the first party, and in who's room?



Never saw a ship during my tenure in the Navy. (I guess being a SeaBee counts as the Navy, huh). An ironic twist is my son was in the Marines and served two tours in the Persian Gulf on Naval Vessels. 6mo. on the Enterprise, and 6mo on the Kennedy. Anyway Don, the rooms are small, but not as small as on the smaller cruise ships. The excursions were bound to go up, but $15 in 4 mo. is kinda steep. Must be the gas prices. Wait til you see the posted prices in Jamaca. Go by an Exxon and the sign reads 25.50 for unleaded. In their money thats about 2.55, but seeing 25.50 on a gas marquee really freaked me out. So today I've gotten to hear from Dave and Don. We keep picking up more readers going 9/28/03. Seems like I've known youall for quite a while. But, when we see each other, we'll probably say, "That isn't what I pictured you to look like." (or think that anyway). I've emailed a couple of you a picture or two of me and my bride so you won't be too shocked at an slightly overweight, graying, 60's hippie, (that has lost most of his hair). Enough rambling. Gotta start packing.

red stripe

Another good thing for an inside room is a nightlight. also those hooks that work by suction are great. they will stick on the closet doors and you can hang your hat or bathing suit on them.
You guys sound like you will have a blast. I hope that you are all in the cruise tracker so that you will get your bon voyage.


Hey Everybody....
Redstripe.... whats this Cruise Tracker your talking about and Bon Voyage mean... Will I get something special??? what I miss? :) Cool idea about the hooks, gotta write that one down
As far as the Party goes... count me in!!!! Just tell me where and when. And Yes!!! I am very excited.
I'm leaving for San Fransisco next week and all I can think about is the Cruise. I'm with turkeyman....i gotta start packing:)


Ugh, packing already? We've got a month folks ;) Seriously though, the wife and I are getting our lists together and doing the last shopping and whatnot this week.

Ya know.. it's days like today that make me yearn for a cruise.. 14 hours at work and I'm still here...

Well that, or I might just move to St. Thomas and become a tour guide :p

Excuse me while I go back to devising a way to fast forward time.



Still no travel docs. The clock is ticking folks. (but slowly). If I had my druthers, I'd like to work in Grand Cayman. There's money there, so much it's falling off the trees. (almost).

Shushi twice a day. It don't get no better!!