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Conquest Sept 28th anyone else?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by amya, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    I got my Docs. today... Yeah!!
  2. amya

    amya Guest


    That's not fair. We don't have ours yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    All I got in the mail today was a Wal Mart circular. Not even a bill< Much less the docs. Oh well, they got my money and they know I'm comming.
  4. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    Hey Everyone,

    The only reason I can think why I got mine so quickly is.... I booked directly through Carnival and I'm a Florida Resident??? Hmm....just a thought, who knows... anyway, I hope everyone gets theirs real soon!!

    I noticed prices are going down. I called Carnival and they told me they are almost booked to capacity, but they still have over 100 cabins available. Looks really good for an upgrade. We got an oceanview, but would really really like to have a balcony.

    Honestly... they could put me on the Lido deck with a blanket and I'd be happy :)
  5. amya

    amya Guest

    I called the travel agent today and they told me not to expect ours until 14 days before our cruise due the changing of flight schedules.

  6. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    My TA a Carnival said the docs would probably be here next week. Said also that the week we're going is real popular. We went to Dillards tonight and cashed in on some of their sale merchandise from the summer. Got me a new hat now. I might not have anything written on this one. Hey Rembrant, I still look the same as the picture I sent you. Happened to swing by the NHC website, and it looks like the Tropics are starting to fester up this hurricane season. Got a couple of waves out east of the Lesser Antilles that I'm watching for development. There's an area of disturbed scud coming out of the Yuckatan heading into the Gulf. Let's keep our fingers crossed for our cruise week. ONE MONTH FROM TODAY............
  7. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Yeah, Amy my travel agent said I wouldn't get my doc's until two to three weeks before the cruise since we're flying in as well. I think Suzie has been bribing the upgrade fairy anyway, watch her end up in a Penthouse.

    Has anyone flown in before to a cruise? Does the ship have a shuttle for you at the airport if you book the package together, (Land/Air/Sea)? My travel agent said yes, but she hasn't been to N.O. or on Carnival.

    Also, if the weather deteriorates before our trip, or during our trip, anyone have experience how the cruise is changed? Are we comp'd for another date? Do we just "go around" the Hurricane/Storm if there is one? Do they change Ports of Call, etc?

    Last Hurricane I travelled around was in the North Atlantic on our way from Oslo to Edinburgh, and I seem to recall 45 degree rolls, walking on the bulk-head to the showers, and using seat belts to stay seated while working. Heck, even the food trays had locks on the tables to keep them in place. (Food still slid across the tray and into the next guys tray, or worse, his lap). hehehe

    It was a real BLAST!!!! :)

    Damned the torpedoes, (and Hurricanes), PARTY ON AHEAD!!!

  8. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    Your too funny.... Love YA
  9. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    From what I've gathered from my TA and other posts, plus Carnivals' site, the ship will detour any hurricanes and tropical storms. Alternate ports will be accessed and in the event we cannot port, a $25 credit per port per person will be added to ones account. That's all covered in the "fine print" but it isn't too bad. No docs today, again......
  10. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Thanks Turkeyman! I got my doc's today. My TA called me and I picked them up, along with my airline tickets. Woo Hoo!

    Based on everyone's posts here and elsewhere on here about excursions, I went ahead and booked the Dolphin and Stingray excursions online so as not to miss out or pay too much onboard.

    You all have been very helpful, THANKS!

    Can't wait to meet ya'll and have a beer!

  11. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    I don't know. That swimming with the Dolphins seems kind of scary. Wasn't that on a "King of the Hill" episode one time?
  12. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Where do you think I got the idea from? ;-)
  13. amya

    amya Guest

    We got our docs today too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TA called as well to come and get them... We hit the Dillard's sale today. I guess we all have the game plans..

  14. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    I know I've been a little silent lately but wow has this thread blown up! :) Good to see we are all revved up and ready to go! I called my TA yesterday and she told us that we wouldn't see ours until 2-3 weeks before cruise date. Hopefully I'll be as lucky as ya'll seem to be and get mine a lil early!

    When it gets closer, we'll all have to find a lounge or something to meet at and when, I say early personally, early in the week that is. The longer we all know each other the more fun to be had! I hoped you hadn't changed much since that picture Turkeyman :) We start pulling stunts like that, none of us would ever meet :p I'd send a pic to give ya'll some visual to look for too, but with all the worms out, I'm a lil leary of sending attatchments. Hopefully that'll calm down a bit further and I can circulate one of myself. I'll say this though.. if ya see a guy, about 26 years old out on deck with a sketch pad and drawing.. say hi, that's me ;) or, at least most likely me ;P

    I'm watching those tropical weather reports too and the friends that are coming with us, one of em has a degree in meteorology.. she's skeptical but happy at the detouring news! Hopefully we won't see any high seas action.

    ARGH.. I want my docs!! :p

  15. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    Argh.. just finished going though my list for packing.. again :p I need to buy a suit :( Wonder if dillards is having a sale near me? :p

  16. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    OK, Now it's official! I have just finally downloaded my countdown clock! Been reading the various posts about packing, lists and door decorating!

    Am I now hooked?

    Should I be concerned about spending too much time looking at sites about cruises?

    How many message boards can I join before someone takes notice of my obsession?

    Is there a self-help group for this kind of passion (and if so, would you send me the link to that message board)?

    Hi, my name is Don and I'm a Cruise Addict....

    Post Edited (08-30-03 07:24)
  17. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    Hey Everyone...

    It's Don's Birthday today... Please join me in singing the anual Birthday Anthem.... .....ahh hem

    Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Dear Doneeee... Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Rembrant, hang in there I bet you'll get your Docs this week!!!! And the Idea of everyone meeting at one of the lounges for a drink is a good one... count me in :)

    Hey I want one of those countdown clocks, I always have to scroll up and see what Turkeyman's clock says :)

    p.s. Be careful Skydiving today (you psycho) I'd hate to have help Jodi find someone else to go with us on the Cruise :)
  18. amya

    amya Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I was reading our travel documents today and discovered that we can only check six bags. I sure hope dave is going to be able to get all of his stuff in his one bag. He carry on one too. I better getting packing this weekend so I can take it all out and start over ten times before we leave.

    Someone name the lounge and we'll be there.

    Has any one considered that Jamacia tour I mentioned before? I got another e-mail reccomending it.

    I need to go and do some laundry before game time, everyone have a Happy Labor Day!

    BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Guess the complaining is over, I GOT DEM DOCS!!!!! One thing I noticed that I won't have to do is fill out all those luggage tags. The ones, (still on my baggage), from my April cruise are the same color, and, seeing I have the same cabin, won't have to be changed. About a social getogether, the lounges located on the Aft section of Deck 5 seems to be the ideal spot. Maybe, at 4 or so on one of our "Sea Days", (MO or TU), we can get all of us together for a drank.

    Personally, I don't drink alcohol, but do socialize with people that do and don't have a problem with it. I am crazy enough sober that I'd probably blow up if the occasion arose.
    I bought some drink coupons though, cause the wife likes an occasional Marguarita from time to time. So, whenever, you all say, is fine with us.

    Happy birthday Don!!!! People say that because I made 50, that I'm on the downslope. That' s not possible, cause I haven't made it to the top yet!!!! Don't guess you're an oldtimer unless,,,,,,,,,,,you can remember what you were doing the weekend of "Woodstock." (And that was in '69, not that new thing they had a year or two ago).
  20. amya

    amya Guest

    Hi to all,

    Happy birthday Don.

    Turkey man remember you are only as old as you act ( or maybe feel) whichever.

    Is everyone as excited as we are??? I am ready to go I have my motion patches so I'll have fun no matter what.

    A question for the ladies. How many changes of clothes is everyone bringing? I have been looking over what I want to take and it looks like too much. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.


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