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Conquest Sept 28th anyone else?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by amya, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    Argh! I'm the only one in this thread without docs :( Ah well.. I'm sure they'll come soon enough :p My confirmation from my TA says not to call about docs until 14 days before the cruise date..

    Happy Birthday Don!!!

    Amy, whith excursion in Jamaica are you talking about.. did I miss a post.. course, it wouldn't be all too hard considering I'm like the 100th post in this thread! Heh, kinda a hallmark on our own eh?

    Amy, I can tell you (with my wife over my shoulder telling me what to type) That she is more than comfortable with 4 pairs of pants, 2 outfits for formal nights, 4 pairs of shorts, and about 8-10 tops. Oh, right.. and a sweater, sweatshirt or shawl or something for the cool caribbean nights.

  2. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Morning All! Who knew this would become a habit, checking posts and reading what everyone is doing in anticipation. My wife accuses me of having as much fun preparing and planning for a trip as finally going on one. (She's right).

    Thanks all for the Happy B'day wishes!

    Turkeyman, while I don't exactly remember what I was doing during Woodstock #1, I do remember I was likely playing out in the yard as a 9 yr old with my brother and sister. Yeah, hit 43 yesterday, and acted like I was still 18. That's ok though, cuz today I feel like 81. ;-) Kinda puts thinks in perspective as when I was 18 and played hard, the next day I felt like I was 26, and man THAT SOUNDED SO OLD!!!

    Sounds like a great plan to pick a time on a sea day to get together for fun, frolic, and anything else that comes up. I've been reading about door decorating??? Does anyone here do that? We thought about doing something with a Texas theme, yeee haaa!


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  3. amya

    amya Guest


    We have found Barrett Adventures in Jamaica. They will take us on a tour away from the normal tourist traps to some of the places the locals go. My parents went week before last and had a blast. It cost $200.00 for the van which is around $20.00 per person for twelve people. They went to Rose Hill beach, Buffet's, a local straw market and a wonderful little local cafe. I wanted to find enough people to go.

  4. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Amy, this sounds like a pretty good deal! My wife and I were going to just find a ride to a private beach and recreate that Corona commercial (the one where you hear the ocean vessel's ship horn in the distance, then the camera pans to the couple sitting on the beach with their beer, wind blowing over the bottle tops making the sound...) and bypass the excusrions and market in Montego. From what I hear, that's the thing to do if anything there.

    If it's as good as it sounds, I think if we're invited, we're in.

    Suzie, whatcha think?

  5. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Have been going over my "Carnival Capers" newsletters from the previous cruise, and note that on one of our "Sea Days" was the Captains Coctail party at 5, on Monday and if my remembers serve me correctly, a Previous Guest Coctail party at about 5 on Tuesday. Looks more and more like a 4 o'clock get aquainted gala.

    By the way; you know those little 14 channel walkie talkies that go on sale sometimes for about $10 from time to time?, well, I got a couple and I'll let you know later on what Channel the "Turkeyman" will be on the Sunday arrival. All the different brands have the same channel numbers, I know the cheap ones do, the ones that are good for about 2 miles.

    We had an electrical storm today while I was at work and when I got home, the computer moniter wouldn't come on. How could lightening hit the monitor and not the computer? At any rate, made a dash to the Super W/M and got back online.

    Hey Don, I like the one where the guy throws his pager into the ocean.

    Lets go!!!!!! Ready!!!!! Crank up the Calypso music!!!!! Braid a bald mans hair!!!!! (Don't laugh at that one. They really wanted to).
  6. Suziequzie

    Suziequzie Guest

    Hey Everyone

    Did anyone catch the Conquest tonight??? I checked it out for the first time, pretty cool, I stared at the monitor for 10 min., the kids think I'm nuts... oh well what can I say.

    I let my 12 year old have a pool party for his 12th Birthday and let him invite 12 of his friends.... I am soooooo ready for this cruise!!!!!

    As far as clothes, I don't have a clue what I'm packing, I need to get my #$&* together. I'm not sure what to pack really??? I need to go shopping, is Dillards still having that sale:)

    Excursions.... still waiting on husband to decide what he wants to do, I know he'll say it's up to me.... whatever I want to do is fine with him.... but I want to include him in the decision. I here the shopping in Cosamel is very good, would like to do that.
    Basically, just being away from work, my cell phone, and yes.... I love all 7 of them dearly, but most definetly the kids, is enough for me. Will probably do the Stingray Tour, it sounds like a must do, but other than that, I think were just going to wing it, we'll see.

    Hey Turkeyman turn up the music, I can hear those drums faintly in the distance....
  7. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Dillards is open tomorrow and yes, their sale is still on. I've gained 15 lbs. SINCE the April Cruise, and the shorts were getting tight. (I quit smoking in May). Have an indulgence for the Blue Bell Ice Cream.

    Let me say this. When you get on the ship, go to your cabin and see where all that is.....go to Lido deck and sit in one of those lounge chairs around the pool. The true meaning of what v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n is rings true. Go where you want, do what you want, eat and sleep when you want.........did I cover everything?
  8. amya

    amya Guest

    I do not know if I can wait a month for a vacation. Why aren't there any holidays when the parents stay home and the kds still go to school that would truly be a mother's day. oh, well too bad i am not on hallmark's payroll. I am getting all the formal wear ready to go to the cleaners next week. Getting ready to polish shoes. It isn't too early for this is it. Anyway it makes me feel like I am being porductive.

  9. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    I'm glad you mentioned the cleaners. I've got some stuff for the cruise I need to take up there. Waited til the last minute last time and almost had to wear shorts to formal nights.
    No one has said, but..........are any of you bringing your children to enjoy the cruise with you. (Im not, they didn't want to go).
  10. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Uh, no! This is why I picked this date, with the hopes of there being few children around. I have 4, two teens still at home. I love my kids, but this is "our time." :)

    Turkeyman, I have those motorola walkie-talkies too and they're great. When we get close to this cruise, I'll get your channel, or send you mine. 4:00 get together sounds like a plan.

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  11. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    In late April, there were few kids. It was between spring break and end of school/. I hear that during the summer, there are lots of kids, lots of noise, and no room in the pools. Carnival does have a program for the children that is exceptional, though. There are some fun games in the Toulouse-Latrec showroom that are fun. "Not so Newlywed Game," tons of Bingo, Music trivia contests. I got first runner up in music trivia cause I didn't know any thing about any new kids on any blocks, or about being in snyc. But they didn't know about the "Big Bopper," or "Patsy Cline" either.

    Post Edited (09-01-03 20:33)
  12. amya

    amya Guest

    We are not bringing any of our kids this time. They will be staying with exs or grandparents. I haven't been on a vacation in fifteen years. My 13 year old says is isn't fair she has never been on a cruise. It didn't work because neither have I. The rest of the kids didn't really say anything. They are 9, 3 & 4.

    Dave and I are going to bring our motorola radios too.

  13. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    That's a big 10/4.
  14. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    No kids with the wife and I yet anywho :p I did however hit the Labor Day Sasles and picked up a nice new Suit at Famous Barr and shoes, and the wife got some things for herself as well!

    Might have to look into getting a pair of those radios myself, sounds like a dang good idea.

    Well, I did call Carnival today just to confirm my room and whatnot, but they said they couldn't confirm ANYTHING with me since I used an outside TA.. dangit :( Oh well. Guess I just have to wait some more.

    About Jamaica, The wife really wanted to go horseback riding.. anyone interested in that? WE aren't sure what we are doing yet, but she just keeps coming back to it. doesn't much matter to me either way but I gotta live with her, ya know :)

  15. amya

    amya Guest

    I wouldn't mind riding horses but I have seen the horses and I do not think I would enjoy it. I am spoiled when it comes to horses.

  16. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Have you all read about the cruise ship in New York having over 300 passengers become ill with that Norwalk-type virus? I just read about it on MSNBC this morning. Granted, news is always sensationalized, but this is not what I needed to hear about before going on a cruise.

    Well then, no tap water, ready-prepared food or hand shaking/holding on this cruise it seems. Dang, and I was hoping to dance the Mombo with Turkeyman...
  17. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Ain't worried bout no creepy-crawly crud! We had the same scare last time. Norwalk, and SARS to boot. Had to fill out a SARS questionaire and all that. The people booking you looked at you to see if your eyes were weak, had a runny nose, or coughed a lot. It might have been my paranoia, but I could swear they were starring at people. So...act cheerful when you check in.

    I read on CNNs' website about the virus, and, if you look a little further down, you can read where an asteroid might hit the earth in 2014..............(At least that's after we get back).

    I know a lot of you haven't been on a cruise that has a waterslide. It's a blast!!!!!

    Post Edited (09-02-03 10:27)
  18. Rembrant

    Rembrant Guest

    More Norwalk Virus stuff? Bah, I'll bring along a thing of hand disinfectant, no worries. From what the symptoms are like I've had food poinsoning that was worse.

    Oh! I hit the sales yesterday and bought a whole new suit and a bunch of shirts and ties to run with.Figure if I'm going to wear a suit twice on the cruise and I have 4 weddings coming up to go to, I might as well own one :p

    I hope the horses aren't too bad :( She's really looking forward to riding there..Hasn't been horseback riding since she was 12 or something.

    Getting all the lsits and finalizing everything and still waiting on my Docs.. Heh, I'm just too excited! 25 days for me until I start the trip to New Orleans. YAY!

  19. donhjohnson

    donhjohnson Guest

    Check your TA for price drops. I called this morning and found out priced dropped a bit and was able to go from a guaranteed 8B Balcony to 8E Balcony w/stateroom assigned. Port Side on deck 10 all the way forward. COOL!

    Post Edited (09-02-03 14:23)
  20. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Way to go Don!!! I booked ultra cheap Inside Cabin, deck 10, so I don't think the price dropped that low for me to take advantage of. Alright, go deck 10!!!!!!!!! I think there's a gob of us posters here on deck 10. Did you say, port side? Hmmm. I'mm port side deck 10 also. So are Dave and Amy. So is Chestnut. Who knows who else.

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