constellation info



Sailing on the constellation this march 13th

We have abin 9094 balcony concierge class........

we are ages 26 together for 8 years recently sailedon the radiance over new years

any info on food ......shops onboard.........entertainment....pools etc would be great...or even our cabin cat?.



My wife and I will take our second trip and the 'Milli' class ships this month. I'll give you more details when we return, but I can share with you some of our favorites from our last trip.

1. The Spa: The giant Thalassotherapy pool was a frequent destination for us, and we loved taking our lunch & breakfast in the spa. The fresh and health food was a great way to feel good about really enjoying ourselves at dinner and during the late night bites. We were both training for a marathon so we spent time on the treadmills too.

2. The "distinctively elegant atmosphere" of the specialty restaurants on the milli class of ships was a wonderful experience, well worth the $25/per person.

3. The martini and champagne lounges were a frequent after dinner stop.