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Constellation - Iron?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by MMAJoyce, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. MMAJoyce

    MMAJoyce Guest

    Hi everyone, I am new to this board and I know this might seem like a dumb question to some, but if you have traveled on Constellation can you please let me know about this - this is my first time sailing on Celebrity , Constellation specifically and I have been told there is no laundary/ironing area on these ships. I have been on other boats where you can iron somewhere, but wanted to know if anyone knows if that is available on Celebrity. Thanks!
  2. wayneair

    wayneair Guest

    I sailed on the Constellation last year (11/04) and they did not have an iron. You will love the ship though and you will soon forget about the ironing. We loved it so much that we are returning for this coming Thanksgiving.
  3. MMAJoyce

    MMAJoyce Guest

    Thank you! ;) Looking soooooooooo forward to it!
  4. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Celebrity frowns on Irons in rooms. As wayneair says..you will forget about it. ..... and you can get it done via your room guy if you want. No too expensive.
  5. randy

    randy Guest

    Pressing anything is one-half the cost of cleaning it, and isn't too bad (comparable to shore costs). It's your vacation--why would you want to spend time doing laundry and ironing? The few bucks you might save takes vacation time away from you--go enjoy!
  6. MMAJoyce

    MMAJoyce Guest

    Randy! I know, but on formal nights, I have to pack an evening gown and its gets pretty wrinkled. I might just bring a steamer for that night. thanks! ;)
  7. SoCalGal

    SoCalGal Guest


    Just pack your evening gown in a plastic bag that you would get from the cleaners...I pack almost all my clothing that way. I also layer long plastic bags between items that easliy wrinkle.
  8. cottage

    cottage Guest

    Hi-I certainly understand the iron issue. Last year brought an "iron" called a gizmo by Black and Decker, a combination iron/steamer quite small in size. No one said anything about it and it certainly was handy.
  9. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    You can take a small iron on board but where oh where will you do your actual ironing? In a standard cabin you have a choice of the room desk (with towel on top) or the bed. Not the most comfortable of choices. Plus those travel irons never seem up to the task of ironing more than a handkerchief! Here's what I do. I choose evening wear that's packable and resists wrinkles. Keeping the garment in its dry cleaner bag or even one of those store vynl bags seems to work pretty well. On arrival, I unpack evening items first, give them a good shake, hang them on the back of the shower door (one at a time) and let them have a steam bath. The steam from the shower does a pretty good job but you might have to steam more than once. This method worked great on a trip I took to Italy where the bathrooms were blessed with hot, hot water. And if those methods fail, your cabin steward is there to rescue you.

    FYI -- Hotels and ships don't like room irons because some folks are not careful about placing the iron in a safe, fire-resistatnt spot when they are finished.

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