Coral Princess



I believe this ship comes out in Decemeber 2002. Does anyone know anything about it? Is the layout and the staterooms similar to another other Princess ship? What size are the mini-suites and Outside-balcony cabins?

How does personal choice dining on Princess work? What is your opinion on personal choice dining? Do the specialty restaurants charge extra? Do you have to wait in line for the dining room with personal choice dining (we like to eat at 6:00)? Does personal choice dining areas have Formal and informal nights just like traditional seating?

I have never sailed Princess, so any information or likes and dislikes on Princess will be appreciated. Thanks.



I can not give you any info on the Coral Princess... but I can give my opinion of the PC dining that Princess offers. This subject is one that everyone has a little different experience with and just as different of an opinion on. Some like it, some don't.

Our experience with the PC dining was good. We never waited at all, but others say they did in fact have to wait. Yes, the PC dining rooms have the same formal dress codes as traditional (on the designated nights). Yes, the specialty (alternative) restaurants cost extra. PC dining basically means that you can go to dinner anytime you like (Im not sure of the exact hours but lets say between 5 and 11??). You will not have the same waiter (unless you request this) and you will not sit with the same people every night. This makes for a more flexible schedule. You don't have to worry about getting back onboard to make your assigned dinner time while you are ashore. You can go to whatever shows you want and then arrange your dinner time around that, instead of the other way around. You will get to meet more people, or you an sit at a table for 2. All up to you. Thats the whole point. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did... Have a great cruise!


We are taking the Coral from Ft. Lauderdale to SF via the Panama Canal in April/May. They have brochures available that show the ship. Just get a Princess Panama Canal brochure from your TA. I also recall there being some limited information at Princess' web site.


Hi.. A mini-group of 9 are booked on the Coral for April 13, 2003. On the Princess Web Site there is the deck plans for the Coral (finally)... And I've already been upgraded 4 categories.

Anyone else going?? On the last trip in April on the Golden, there were 60 of us who met on the internet and Princess gave us the use of a lounge to meet and greet... it was great.

Only 6 more months to go!