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costa maya, mexico

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by kathy westerfield, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. My cruise on the Celebrity Galaxy (Nov 04) changed the itinerary from Belize City to Costa Maya, Mexico.

    What is there to do there and what are the best excursions?
  2. wile1170

    wile1170 Guest

    Take the tour to Chachoben ruins (check my spelling) if its offered....it's one of the nicer, unspoiled Mayan ruins.....it was just opened to the public about 4 years ago...its an hour bus ride from the ship, but worth it.

    Your other options are to walk into Mahahal fishing village for some "local color" or hang out by the salt water pool and toss down a few Sol's (an excellent beer, better than Corona).
  3. Chiquita

    Chiquita Guest

    You might also have a look at Costa Maya Cruise Excursions I saw it through the belizecruiseexcursions.com site.

    The prices are really cheap, snorkeling for $25 and a beach break for $25 with open bar....I think I've got my day planned already:)
  4. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

    I wonder if this is the same beach that the "jungle beach break" through the cruise line is offered at (for $39). Doesn't mention transportation either... hmmm...

  5. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

  6. Chiquita

    Chiquita Guest

    Its not the same beach because this one says its in the town of Mahahual. The Jungle beach break takes you by bus about 45 minutes to their beach so from what I've read, you are stuck in the middle of now where.

    I like the idea of being in the town so we can walk around and explore and come and go as we please.

    The email they send said that the port controls transportation and they charge $3 to take you to Mahahual and then its a $2 taxi ride back.
  7. lougee1043

    lougee1043 Guest

    your link does not work
  8. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

    lougee - try http://kollnfamily.com/inspirationcruise.htm .. i think it's the capital I that is screwing it up

    Chiquita - I gather you are booking this? I think I like this better than the cruise lines one.. you are right about having the town there. So it's $3 each to the beach, and a $2 taxi back? is the $2 per person? Either way, 25+5 is 30 .. 9 cheaper than carnivals...
  9. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

  10. mindy

    mindy Guest

    Thanks for sharing! Great pictures and bringing the school supplies is such a great idea!
  11. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    We also really enjoyed the Chacchoben ruins... great tour! Depending how long you are in port, there may also be enough time to visit Mahahual, then return to the plaza for some shopping and watch the dance show they put on there. Theres also a restaurant in the center of the plaza and a real nice pool (although salt water, Ive heard), nearby hammocks, and a beach within walking distance. We made our way out over the rough, rocky bottom and did some snorkeling, it was fantastic.

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  12. ROCK

    ROCK Guest

    This looks like a good deal. Has anyone done this?
  13. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Rock... done what, exactly?
  14. ROCK

    ROCK Guest

    beach break for $25 with open bar anyone done this
  15. Jibace

    Jibace Guest


    Bummer about being changed from Belize to Costa Maya. We went cave tubing in Belize and loved it. (we took our own excursion instead of the ship's and were able to tube through two caves instead of one.)

    In Costa Maya, we brought our own snorkeling gear and took a taxi into Mahahual. We walked to the other end of the town and found a nice beach with another couple from the ship sitting there. The owner of the food/beverage stand across the street served us margaritas and chips/salsa. We snorkeled, ate, read books, and sat in the sun, and visited with our new friends. The farther you walk away from the taxi stand, the town gets poorer. You could see the ship from the beach we were at, but it is not walking distance.

    I wish now I could have read the post about the schools. I never thought to bring school supplies...what a great idea. The website and pictures are great. I will definatley do that next time we dock there.
  16. Chiquita

    Chiquita Guest

    Fiona I believe its per person and we are going to do it.

    I am curious though about the ultra light flight they offer Ultra light flight but I haven't read any reviews on it and I'd like to hear about it before I book it. Anyone tried it or seen it?

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