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We will be going to Costa mayo this year, and wondered if anyone had more to add to what I have found out so far.

When you get off the ship there are trolleys to take you along the pier. It is a very long peir, so this is a nice thing.
They drop you off in the typical cruise ship terminal filled with shops, bars and restaurants.

I understand that there is also a huge pool with a swim up bar. And plenty of music to get you in the mood. Someone said that it reminded them of “ Senor Frogsâ€.

Someone said that you could rent Golf carts at around $80 a day.
Also an ATV tour at the same place that you rent the golf carts.
You can rent jet Skis, Kayaks or go parasailing. on some of the beaches.

There are some Mayan ruins that you can tour... Chacchoben and Kohunlich

The site most cruise passengers see is Chacchoben. It dates back to about 350 A.D.
And is not too far from the port.
It is a nice site with a few nice temples and a lot of shade trees. They can be important in the heat. You can purchase drinks there. The site was only discovered about 11 years ago.
Kohunlich is about the same, but it takes longer to travel to it.

Another place worth visiting beyond Costa Maya's boundaries is the seaside village of Majahual or Majahul.?? . It is about 8 blocks long with dirt streets and low buildings.

So far this has not turned into a “Linens are us†kind of place. It has beaches of white sands and shallow surf, and bars and places to buy the usual souvenirs.

You can get there either by renting a golf cart, or taxi..
To get to the beach via taxi, go through the shopping area at the pier to the back and look for a sign that says “Taxis†. you will see the vans. (taxi) It's $3pp and makes one or two stops; one at The Tequilla Beach Club ( I could find no info on this place) before ending up at Majahaul.

They will drop you off in front of the Hotel Majahual, but everyone says NOT to go into the Hotel Majahual as it is a terrible tourist trap. Just go on the other side of the hotel and look for the beach.
If you purchase food and/or drinks along the beach , they will allow you to use the tables or lounge chairs with umbrellas for the day.
The latest info is that there is no charge. You will be approached and asked what you want to eat or drink.. no need to go searching. There are also bars in the area.

Another way to get around is to see if your ship offers the “Jungle Beach Break Tour†You will ride a bus for a 30 minute drive to Uvero Beach. Tickets include an open bar, kayaks and paddleboats. There is a restaurant and gift sho.
You can pay extra and rent banana boats or jet skis, or go parasailing or do the dolphin encounter.

I read that some people go to the Maya Chan Beach Resort in Costa Maya. It was highly rated, but no idea of the cost, and they limit the amount of reservations they will accept each day.


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re: We will be going to Costa mayo this year, and wondered if anyone had more to add to what I have found out so far.

Yes. I believe the costa mayo has gone up 50% in the last 3 years.


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Hey Red,

Looks like you've been doing your homework. :doubleup:

We haven't been to Costa Maya since before the hurricane but have seen good reviews.

The first time we were there we did the ruins that were about an hour from Mahahul. Our guide grew up there and was very knowledgeable. Our tour ran late so I didn't have a chance to snorkel. I pouted for about 5 minutes then had some rum punch and it was all good.

The second time we were there Susan was quarrentined to our cabin. She insisted that I go out and snorkel so I went to Mahahul and snorkeled off the beach. Then I had some rum punch and went back to the ship.

The third time we did a snorkel excursion out on a boat. The water was fantastic and crystal clear. Then we had some rum punch and went back to the ship.

We avoid the little shopping mecca at the end of the pier. The pool is pretty crowded because the beaches by the pier are rocky and not suited for swimming. I have seen some pretty rowdy times there too with the tequila flowing freely.

Here's a link to a web site you might find helpful with some excursions.


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Re: Costa maya ??

Thanks for the lnk, we will be visiting Costa Maya this coming April
Going In October...and this was definitely one of the excursions we wanted to do...relax and have a drink...or three...:cool: price is right...beach looks nice and clean...definitely having a massage on the beach! alot cheaper than the spa on board ship!!! I personally don't care if a massage therapist is 'certified' or not just to rub my back...haha.