Costa Rica - white water rafting questions.



When our cruise (Carnival Liberty) arrives in Limon, it will be the first week in October. Will the water be too cold?

Have any of you ever done this excursion through Carnival?

According to Carnival's website, it is a one-hour air-conditioned bus ride to raft the dam-controlled Reventazón River’s rapids. Then we "return to the Rios Tropicales Center for a delicious Costa Rican lunch and refreshments."

Are you supposed to bring a change of clothes? Are you soaked afterwards, and freeze on the bus ride back to the ship?

Is there an opportunity to take pictures with our own waterproof camera? Do they have photographer who sells pictures to you? How much?

This seems like an excursion that is probably worth booking through the ship. I intend to do so unless someone convinces me that it is easy to do through a local, and no chance of missing the ship, and much cheaper.


Did you book this excursion and if so, how was it?

We're on the Liberty in March and I have not yet decided what to do in Costa Rica.

If you didn't do this excursion, what did you do?


I did this excursion a couple of years ago and I would do it again in a Heart beat. You can leave a backpack, etc with dry cloths on the Bus, which is Air conditioned. The Lunch is very good and the rapids are separated enough where you get a break in between having to work.

As I said at the begining if I ever get to Costa Rica again I will book this excursion. They take good care of you give you lessons instruction before you go down the rapids. Just relax and you will have a ball.


I am in this forum for looking some useful suggestion about Costa Rica and its rafting. I am going to visit Costa Rica first time and interest to spend my maximum time on rafting. My question is that can you suggest me which rafting company giving good training on rafting, so that i can join rafting class.