count our blessings



I think that most people are about the same in a number of ways. We go along and don't really pay attention sometimes that things are going well, or we just take for granted that things are ok and will stay that way.

I have a neighbor a couple doors down. They have 2 kids living at home going to college and a 13 year old. The woman has had severe depression for the last few years and hasn't worked. I think that has put a financial burden on them which probably added to her depression--sort of a merry-go round thing.
Anyway, she has been getting much better, been getting out and finally got to where she actually got a job a few weeks ago--- now it's discovered she has breast cancer !
I feel so sorry for these people --I wish I could do something for them. They don't deserve to have all this dumped on them. All we can do is continue to be the best neighbors we can and hope and pray for her. Today my wife bought a small bamboo plant and took it down to her. Hopefully it helped cheer her up a little. According to the Chinese, bamboo plants are supposed to bring good luck and good fortune. My next door neighbor is Chinese and when I had to have lung surgery approx. 2 and a half years ago, they brought me one and I still have it--
So when we complain about gas, etc. ( which I'm one of the worst ) we should be thankful that's all we have to worry about. :wave


Our good thoughts will come for your neighbors. Good neighbor with concern are helpful. Congraulations


Positive thoughts for your neighbor. And remember, breast cancer is treatable & many many women survive it every day . With the support of her family & good neighbors like you she might come thru this just fine.


Frito, thanks for posting. As a fellow breast cancer patient, I would recommend that you offer your friendship to the husband in a very real way. Invite him to lunch perhaps and let him vent. Some husbands have a very hard time dealing with this diagnosis and need as much emotional support as their wives do.

If the lady is an internet user, please give her my email address (in my profile) and invite her to email me with any questions she might have regarding this new onslaught on nightmares. Or get her permission for you to give me her email. I would love to correspond with her.

Hugs, Mariposa


Thanks to everyone for their kind words and good thoughts for this lady. I appreciate it and hope and pray she gets ok. She has had surgery and in now undergoing chemo.
I do talk to her husband and try to be a good listener as well as being positive in my conversations with him. I will try to get her e-mail to see if she would like to have someone to chat with her who has been through the same thing. I'm sure that would help her a lot. Thank again to everyone.

Cruise cutie

=hugs and all of it is true.. life's happenings do truly prayers and thoughts for your neighbors..Joanne