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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Cruzmama59, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Lonpalm

    Lonpalm Guest

  2. Bradley Family of Four,

    We will be at the early seating. Son 11 and 2nd son 17.

    Our kids like the dining room best. Eat what you like, don't like it, get something else. There's something for everyone!

    Third cruise for all of us and we're hooked!



    Destiny - Jan 2000
    Enchantment - Mar 2003
  3. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Hi Chopper,
    Will look for you in diningroom...Unless you find us first...I am with my daughter,son-in-law grandson age 5 (his 6th cruise) his other grandma & grandpa and of course me I am a single grandma.
    See you all soon,
  4. Cruzmama,

    Hope to see you there,

    Shouldn't be too hard to spot us. My 17 year old uses a wheelchair, he's a paraplegic,studying to be an Engineer like his dad.

  5. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    It is a wonderful thing when a 17 year old knows what he wants out of life. I have seen many teenagers waste their life by not knowing which direction to take. Sounds like he has great parents who are behind him in what he wants to do.
    See you all soon,
  6. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    I echo Marilyn's sentiments Chopper - look forward to perhaps meeting you all on board and celebrating all life's blessings - it seems that we have a very diverse and wonderful group here!
  7. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Added names to our list....


    ONLY 42 MORE DAYS TO GO........6 WEEKS.........
  8. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Ok just found this strand..... will try to keep up with the right one :)
  9. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Hi Michelle,
    I am sure you will find plenty of singles in the 30 age bracket on board.
    I did hear that there was going to be a singlegroup going the same time as we are.
    I was on the Spirit Dec. 2001 with a singlesgroup (Debbies singles) and there were people of all age groups even up to the early 70's. This singlesgroup that is going with us is not Debbies but I am sure they too have plenty of singles of all ages. We will just have to check them out. LOL (even tho I am closer to your mom's age, I don't feel it & don't act it or look it.) Age is only a number...my daughter's is around your age and we get along like best friends instead of mother & daughter.
    Like I mentioned to Cindi, we can all meet at the singles party the first night.
    I am still waiting to hear from others when they have their dinnertime.
    Right now it stands as follows:
    Marilyn early
    Christopher late
    Chopper early

    Take care,
  10. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Mom and I have the late seating.
  11. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    Sarah and I are hoping to get late seating
  12. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Cindi & Michelle,
    Like the old expression says.....Dollars to Donutes...(whever that means) I bet if you Cindi get the late seating, they will seat you and your daughter with Michelle and her mom. Carnival usually tries to keep their single guests together... That has happened to me many times when I went solo, only last time I sat with 6 other single gals and only 1 guy...darn.....LOL
    I have to have early dinner because we are eating with my grandson (5) but after that---party time for granny or casino time.....
    See you in 41 days.
  13. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest

    Early dinner seating for this ol' gal.
  14. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    O.K. Guys,
    Here I go again.
    This time it is for who has early or late dinner seating.

    Here is the list so far....
    Marilyn------ early
    Christopher----- late
    Chopper----- early
    Barbara & Michelle-----late
    Cindi & Sarah----late

    I personally like late, but as I mentioned before my family will be going and with a 5 year old we are better off eating early.....Not only that, all you late eaters can warm up the slots for us early eaters so when we finish our dinner the machines will be warmed up and give us some $$$$$$. LOL

    Really looking forward to this cruise and meeting all of you......;
    Been almost a whole year since I went on a cruise, and that is not like me......I usually like to cruise at least 2x a year...Do the mimi one dayers during the year but that is not like the big cruise ships. Must start planning one the the coming year.....


    Post Edited (11-05-03 20:51)
  15. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    Marilyn- I have asked for late and will probably get it...never had a problem before....asked for a large table also so hope Michelle and her Mom did too. I like to have lots of company. Sarah usually makes tons of friends and eating is not so important to her so she leaves me. If we get a small table, I end up sitting all alone for dessert and drinks! I have always had great fun at the table....my friends tell me I can even have fun in a toilet! A close friend of mine once said - "Nothing beats fun" How true it is. We really should make a date for one of the days at sea to have a little get together in the card room or someplace cozy. If I get the upgrade to a suite - I will invite all to a little party - how does that sound?

  16. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    You get upgraded to a suite and we will bring the goodies for a party.LOL......I will bring one of the botles of champagne that my PVPlanner is suppose to give me.
    On RCCL (I am a platium memeber and my girlfriend is a diamond member)) were upgraded from an outside cabin(we both had separate cabins) to an owner suite..Now that was an upgrade.....with a bathtub, with shower, 2 sinks, double size balcony, 2 sep. sleeping quarters, large walk-in closet champagne,choc.covered cherries, we had our own female steward. We were lucky they needed our cabins for 2 other couples and being that my friend is a diamond member they gave her the owners suite.
    Check the above site about the dinner time...I changed yours to the late.
    And yes that would be a good idea about meeting in the card room on a sea day. But don't forget we will meet at the singles party....Should we wear a ribbon or something to identify each other...Me I am short 5-1 (use to be tall age made me short) dark hair, big brown eyes,
    See you soon,
  17. cruisergal

    cruisergal Guest

    Chopper, I'm traveling with a group of 27. My son is going and he is 11. He is a veteran cruiser. Karen
  18. Hi cruisers,

    My wife and I are booked on the Spirit for the Southern swing on Jan 18. Any info on Barbados and Martinique would be greatly appreciated. We love the beaches and snorkeling so any info on that would be great.
    I noticed that some folks were asking about things to do. We took the Eastern swing on the Pride last May and stopped in St Marten. If any of you are into sailing do not miss the opportunity to do the America's Cup Challenge. It was an absolute blast. You race two of the boats used in the 1987 Americas Cup. I was on Stars and Stripes. Anyone familiar with the Americas Cup series will know this boat. It books fast. They only take 24 people. 12 per boat. They also take a great photo you can purchase at their store that they take you to afterwards. They also make a killer rum punch!!! If you want to take this one make sure to hit the excursion desk ASAP when you board. We also liked Orient Beach. I'm looking forward to this cruise since it will just be the two of us. No family tagging along this time!!
    Feel free to email if you like.

    Pride 03
    Spirt 04
    Glory 04
  19. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    I definately think a get together on one of the days at sea is in order. I would love an upgrade to a suite but then I would be ruined for a regular cabin from there on out :) I can honestly say that the past two times Mom and I have been at a large table we weren't comfortable with our table mates........ We had planned on asking for a table for two but who knows...... we might change our minds :)
  20. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    Did anyone get their documents yet?

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