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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Cruzmama59, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    I just got off the phone with my personal vacation planner and he told me the docs are being sent out this week and I should get them any day....
    Getting closer..and exciting....
  2. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO gonna be doing a doc dance soon!!!! I was just sitting this morning thinking about the trip and realized we are almost within a month of the time!!! Im going to have to start packing soon!!!
  3. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Hey Michelle,
    I am already ahead of you....I have my suitcase packed with everything except for my captains night and cocktail night clothes. I have a separate bag just for shoes personal items and last minute things. to be put in. Cab you tell I am getting excited to go again...39 days.....
  4. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    ha ha , this is funny... Your just like me man... 129 days left... I go on the carnival esxtacy on Jan.12th / the 4 day cruise.
  5. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    When I first started posting on this board I think it was around 140 something days.(on anothe site)
    Was on estacy about 4 yrs ago..Had a lot of fun. Was with a singlesgroup.
    I am sure you will enjoy it too.
  6. Maybelle

    Maybelle Guest

    Hi All, we have asked for late seating due to the time change. Also, I got a surprise in my mailbox. A call for jury duty starting the 15th of Dec. First time ever. Can you believe the timing? LOL
  7. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest


    What lousy timing for a jury summons!! I hope you don't have any problems getting jury duty postponed. I don't know how it works in other states, but here in Texas it's almost impossible to get a postponement. Don't get me wrong, serving on a jury is important, BUT I just can't see that it should superceed everything else, no matter what. About 8 years ago I got a summons for 3 days before a scheduled trip to Europe. I still had to report for duty, but luckily didn't get selected. I was really getting nervous over that one. Keep us posted & above all, GOOD LUCK.
  8. Cruisergal, that's great. Our son, 11, is looking forward to meeting your son.

  9. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Maybelle if you still have to show up just for selection process......... tell em' you knew a police officer at the site of the crime :) Works wonders ;) I got out of a murder trial that way. (Actually I really did know the first officer on the scene of the crime but didn't know it was him til they ask if we knew him.) Jury DUTY should NEVER interrupt your cruising!

    Oh also, has anyone thought about what shore excursions they would be doing. I thought about the America's cup because it gets such rave reviews but I get reaaaaaaaally sea sick on boats that aren't ships or speed boats...... all that floating around on the waves. What about horseback riding or snorkeling???
  10. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Ok folks........no post sense I put mine in there. I think I scared someone............ I was just JOKING!
  11. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Hi Michelle,
    Who did you scare away??? Not me....
    Just went clothes shopping in my cruise closet again.(most of those clothes still have tags on them waiting to be worn.LOL) Decided to change some of my outfits that I was taking, so there I go again open the suitcase switch reclose it again.....This time I am going to lock it and throw away the key.(not really) I realized I had too many white pants and not enough winter colors, and being that we are cruising durning the winter I might as well use my darker pants. (we wear white all year long here in Fla)
    Who else is starting to pack?
    Also I take downy fabric wrinkle release with me so incase my clothes are wrinkled this stuff works. And a night lite so I can see where I go in the middle of the night in case I get up.
    Let's all start a list of what extra's we should pack.

    Here's mine to start it off
    Downy fabric wrinke release
    nite lite

    will add rest later
  12. cruisergal

    cruisergal Guest

    Chopper, we have to get the boys together on the first day of the cruise. My son is easy to get along with. I want to have dinner at the Noveau Supper Club, but I don't want to miss the lobster at dinner. Does anyone have or know where I can get the daily dinning menu for the Spirit in 12/03. I read on one of the boards a menu, but it wasn't specifically for the Spiri or did it list the days that the menu was for. For the Joe's Stone Crab Claws - how many do one get for dinner? My son and I love crab claws. What time does the dinner start at Noveau?
  13. Maybelle

    Maybelle Guest

    Hi All, well good news, I managed to have it postponed until February. I was very nervous about how I was going to get out of this but they were very nice when I told them I was going to be out of the country. Now I can keep packing and going crazy with how many things I shouldn't be taking. Thanks for all your good thoughts
  14. NEK

    NEK Guest

    hi all we have an early dinner sittng.getting close can't wait!!!
  15. Cruisergal,

    We'll be in 7260 & 7266.

    Couldn't find a menu for the Spirit but did find for a 8 Night Legend (Sister ship to Spirit).

    If it all pans out. . . .

    Wed At Sea Langoustino tails, Rack of lamb
    Thu At Sea Lobster tail, Prime rib
    Fri At Sea Shrimp cocktail, Pacific salmon, Roasted sirloin
    Sat St.Maarten Snow crab cocktail, black tiger shrimp, Beef wellington
    Sun Barbados Snow crab legs, Coq au vin
    Mon Martinique Coquille St.Jacques, Filet mignon
    Tue At sea Grilled jumbo shrimps, Chateaubriand
    Wed At sea Delice newburgh, Roast beef au jus

    Here's link: http://community.webshots.com/album/60506181nfcbXz/1

    Friday night would be my pick if I was to forego the dining room for the Nouveau Supper club.

  16. Mar

    Mar Guest

    We are going on Spirit in February but I thought maybe one of you would know the answer to this question. Is ther a door in the divider between balconies which can be opened if you are traveling with the persons in the next stateroom? Also what is Carnival's telephone # ? Thanks, Marlene
  17. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Mar, I have read that you can ask the cabin stewards to remove the glass seperating the balconies and they will. The number I have for them is 1-800-438-6744 and from there you will work through a menu system unless you already have the 5 digit extention. For special needs I work with Sophia and she is at #23017.

    My extra's so far are:
    -Bungee cord and magnet (for holding balcony door open and preventing the ac from turning off so that the below below us don't get condensation build up on their ceiling.).
    -Electrically surge strip (there is limited outlets in the cabin...... like only 1 or 2).
    -Miniture Christmas Tree

    Can't think of what else right now but will post more later.
  18. Mar

    Mar Guest

    Thanks, Moon... I called Carnival and they said the partions on Spirit cannot be opened between cabins. Thanks for the Telephone number.
  19. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    No problem Mar......... stinks about the partitions though.
  20. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    This is slipping down the list so thought I would ask a quesiton. Isn't the downtown Miami that is easiest access for the Port?

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