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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Cruzmama59, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Lonpalm

    Lonpalm Guest

    it is Carnival.com/mycruise, but it is not working yet for some reason.
  2. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Thanks Christopher.....I thought it was me.LOL
  3. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    It's supposed to be up and running today. My TA at Carnival didn't even know about it.
  4. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    I STILL did not get my docs! Told you the mail sucks in Canada. I need to get a life outside checking the mailbox.

    Woke up this am to snow! Not much on the ground but enought to make me want to leave immediately!

  5. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest


    Please, Please, send me some snow....Have not seen the real thing for over 30 yrs.LOL
    The have imitation snow down here during the XMas holidays at City Hall for the kids.
    but it is not the real thing.
    It did snow here for a brief time during the mid 70's but when the flakes hit the grown they melted.
    See you soon,
    Keep checking your mail box or watch outside for the pony express maybe that is how you docs are coming.
  6. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    Sorry I couldn't respond sooner - I was doing the doc dance. Got them today...YIPPEEE!

    They don't have a cabin on them because of the gtee but I did read on one thread that someone had "report to Skippers Club" on their documents which meant he was upgraded to a suite. I don't have that on the tickets - does that mean no upgrade for me? :) :-( !! I am in an 8I guarantee and the next category up is the suite (or Cat 9 which has been sold out for long time).

    Also - been trying to fill out my "funpass" but I can't get on the site. Anybody else get on?

  7. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest

    Well, the "funpass" is no fun, is it? I was on the computer for over 2 hours trying to get the thing to work. Nothing but one error message after another. I called Carnival & the man who answered said there was nothing they could do for me. A few minutes later I called back again 1-800-845-2599 (Carnival e-mail support) & got a very nice lady. She told me that they were having trouble today with the direct interface with Homeland Security (that figures) & I could either try logging in again tomorrow or she would fax me the forms to fill out & I could fax them back to Carnival & they would do the input. In about 5 minutes she had faxed me the forms. I just hope that when I fax them back they get to the right place. I would really be @#%$! if I got to Miami & was denied boarding!!!! There's not a place to fill out credit card information, so it's not really pre-boarding like on some cruise lines. This is strictly information required by Homeland Security before they ALLOW us to leave the US.! Now I'm mad again. Oh well, good luck to everyone with your "funpass". Don't know about anyone else, but this is some fun I could do without.
  8. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    Tiadeerin...Just think, I have to get INTO the US and go through all the "fun" and then, not 24 hours later, I have to go through all the "fun" again to get out. Then do it all over again at the end! I really don't mind as long as I know that this is done for my safety and that everyone else gets the same treatment. I am flying from Toronto to Chicago and then to Miami so I am gonna have some very serious "fun"!

    Oh well...it's all worth it - isn't it? Cruising in 3 weeks!

  9. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Ok so the funpass was overloaded today,.......imagine that. The first day of a new system regarding national security with cruiselines. HMMMM How many people tried to bombarde the system today??? We still have plenty of time to get this stuff registered and it will all be done in time. National security in the US is vital at this point and if it takes a few min. now to save us a few at the port......its worth it in my book. Lets take a deep breath and remember a certain day in our not so distant past where perhaps security should have been this annoying........... I lost people that day......I dont mind waiting until tomorrow for the site to be accessible.
  10. Maybelle

    Maybelle Guest

    Hello All, wanting to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Still no docs for our group. I will be calling my T/A tomorrow just to get a heads up on what she knows. By the way, Cruzmama, what's the weather doing in Miami? Are we possibly going to have a warm start on this cruise? LOL.
  11. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest

    Yes, several BIG deep breaths are called for. I can really understand & don't mind at all the extra security required at airports, cruise ports, etc. I grieve for all terrorist victims & their family & friends. I grieve for our brave soldiers who are still being killed & maimed daily. The thing that I have a really hard time with is the trampling of our constitutional right to travel (among other things) while the terrorists still roam free to do their dirty work on a daily basis. I just think there must be a better way to "build a mousetrap".

    Oh well, after we set sail in a couple of weeks we will be able to have a few days of fun.
  12. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Weather here in Fl. is cool in am(60's) and in afternoon gets as high as 80.....But this is only for a short time...Before you know it, it is hot,hot,hot...again just like the song.LOL
    See you all soon,
  13. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Gooooooooooood Morning everyone! Driving to work this morning the sun was breaking through the clouds and again I realized just how fortunate I am in this life. Just think folks, in a matter of weeks we are going to be sitting on a marvelous ship, our every need being caterted to, some of the bluest (?) water beneath us and sharing this with our friends and family! I know one of the MANY things I will be thankful for tomorrow when we slice into that big ole bird!
  14. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest




  15. Moonglws4u

    Moonglws4u Guest

    Yuuuuuuuum yum! The Momster and I ate with friends yesterday so we didn't have many left overs to bring home. Didn't even feel bad about it knowing how much wonderful food is awaiting us in a few weeks :)
  16. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest

    Marilyn, maybe you can help me make up my mind about what to do in ports since you've been to all of them before. There are several tours I'm interested in, but sight seeing on an unairconditioned bus is not exactly my idea of fun. Are there any of the ports with shopping at the pier?
  17. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    I just filled out all the information on the internet for the cruise. And of course I did not include my SS#...Hate to put that on the internet....
    Also I was wrong I thought that Carnival was going to be doing the same thing as Princess and having everyone fill out all the information including information for sign and sail card to avoid long lines. I was wrong. This is only for security reasons. You will still have to have the reservation desk type in your credit card for the sign and sail card, and sometimes that takes time.
    As far as shopping in the ports, I remember going to Barbados and shopping in a mall right off the pier. You had to walk a bit but it was not far..And of course it was an airconditioned mall. It was pretty big and seemed to have plenty of shops to choose from.....
    St Marteen(sp) they are plenty of shops to go to in town.. You can grab a cab and they will take you into town. They even had casino's they which my friend Charlie and I tried out.....I found a health food store, grocery & many other stores there. You can pick up your soda's and bring them on board if you like and put them in your refrigerator.
    St.Martinque, just got off ship stretched our legs and walked around by the pier and then back to ship.
    I don't snorkle, or do any of those exciting things, only because I am a shopaholic and like to spend my money on gifts and of course casino.
    I did do a sightseeing tour when I went to Aruba, bus was hot but we did get a breeze when we opened the windows....That was really enjoyable seeing the whole town and surrounding areas...Well worth it.
    Beaches are all beautiful on the islands, but was not interested in doing that only because living here in Fla. well we have beach weather all year around.LOL
    Hope to meet you all soon,
  18. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    Tiadeerin - I like the sightseeing but rarely get to go as my kids don't like it. There were a couple of shore excursions that looked interesting...I like to see historic things but don't need the beach journeys. Sometimes it's better to grab a cab at the port and hire them for a few hours to take you to places of interest. Of course, a "little" shopping fits in nicely to that too!

    I like to do the research and figure out where I would like to go and start talking to the taxi drivers by the pier - they usually end up bidding for your business. It can be a great deal of fun. After a little while, you get to know the driver and you can have some great fun. I had a driver once who liked us so much and was so nice that he took us to his families house and they made us stay for lunch! I always ask them to have lunch with us and envitably get taken to really good local restaurants or "side of the road" cookouts. Way too much fun! Got to be careful though!

    Email me if you would like more info!

  19. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest

    Marilyn & Cinid,
    Thanks for your responses. I'm too old to do the adventuresome stuff, but right now I'm thinking about doing the Butterly Farm on St. Maarten, the Atlantis Submarine on Barbados (they say it's air conditioned) & maybe the Jeep Safari on Martinique (they say it's air conditioned too). The tropical humidity really causes me misery especially if there is no breeze. Marilyn, glad to hear that you got pre-registered online. Maybe, if I get brave enough, I'll try again later on tonight or tomorrow. I just got so frustrated the other day I nearly "blew my stack". If I have problems again, I'll just fax my info to Carnival & hope for the best. Cindi, sure do hope that you come up with that suite. That would be just TOO GREAT.
  20. cindilouwho

    cindilouwho Guest

    The funpass was no trouble...just a little confusing when I didn't realize that "US Citzens Only" meant Canadians too. Maybe George will fly in to have New Years Dinner with us!

    I also wouldn't mind going on the Butterfly tour...looks interesting.

    Less than 3 weeks left...can you believe it? Will start tanning beds this week to prepare my skin for the sunshine onslaught!


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