Cozumel and Belize



We are sailing on the Enchantment on Feb. 14-19. I know that booking excursions on our own will be less expensive, but does anyone have any suggestions of companies to use? We don't want to snorkel....looking more for tours of the islands. Thanks.


In Coz, I suggest renting a jeep or other vehicle and touring the island on your own. Search online for some maps of the island, search out some sites you want to see (like Chankanaab park and the San Gervasio ruins?), and make a day of it. Thats what we do there, and love it. As for Belize, Ive read conflicting things on the city. Some say the city tour is good, others say its a waste of time. Im going there in December for the first time and am planning to use for their trip to Caye Caulker. Ive also heard great things about the cave tubing here, although that is not an option for us this time. Hope those ideas help.


I'll be in Cozumel pretty soon & am wondering where I would rent snorkel gear including fins & about how much is the price? I'm pondering buying my own gear before I go.. but wanted to see if it was worth it. I'll also be stopping in Calica or Playa Del Carmen. Any suggestions on snorkeling that location or if there is snorkel rental? Thanks!


Im sorry that I cant really help you with rental info... just throwing in my =twocents. I bought my own and brought it. Yes, it takes some space in my luggage, but to me its worth it. I went to Sports Autority or somewhere here in town and picked up a snorkel/mask set, and a pair of fins. I think the whole set cost me about $30, not the most expensive, not the cheapest they had either. They worked perfectly. We had planned to snorkel in Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Cozumel and the bahamas all in one trip. So we figured this would come out to our benefit monetarily versus renting each time. Plus we didnt have to worry about sanitation... and they are ours to keep for future snorkeling. Others like to pack light and dont bring anything they can get on the ship, or in this case, rent in port. Its a personal preference issue.



The website I posted earlier is affilliated with Eagle Ray Divers.

The three reef snorkel trip was one of the best ones I have done. Three reefs plus a stop for lunch (included) at the private beach club where we could play at the beach, in the pool and some free watersports too. Well worth the price. :thumb

I'm with Nat on the snorkel gear. Get your own if you can. Once you've snorkeled once, you'll be hooked and having your own gear is great! :dance

Happy Cruising

Michael =sailor


Well for Belize I can vouche for X-Stream Cave Tubing and Belize Cruise Excursions they were excellent and very proffesional. Booking was easy and they are very helpful and the actually trip was better/longer then the ship cave tubing trip and much cheaper only $60 compared to $96 on the ship!!!

They also offer ruins in Belize for less too, we looked at the Lamanai trip but the cave tubing won out:)


When we were last at Chankanaab they had places to rent snorkel equipment on the beach. And if you plan to go to Chankanaab...take a taxi - just make sure you agree to the price ahead of time. I believe it's $10.


Just back from Belize. We did our own thing here.Took a water taxi to Caye Chalker. $ 17.50 round trip.A 45 minute boat ride out .Went to a place at the end called the split. A place where a hurricane split the island in two in 1961. A beautiful spot! You can snorkel at no cost but, need to bring your own gear.What a great day. Nice beach and a bar called the Lazy Lizard. Have a lizard juice. Good stuff.The water taxis run all day.


My family sailed this in August and had a blast. In cozumel we rented a jeep on our own ( hertz) right at the dock and drove to Channakab Park. (10.00 entry) We stayed there until late lunch time and drove into town where we ate at Panchos Backyard. 5 star good. It is expensive but fabulous food. We then spent the day in the market and ended up with a Carlos and Charlie's stop on the way home. Very good day. As for Belize, I would NEVER take a tour not associated with the cruise ship. It takes at least an hour by water to do anything, and anything can happen on a boat travelling on open water. If you do break down and are on a ship sponsored tour , the ship will wait. If you aren't you get left. Period. We took the tour to shark Alley with lunch in San Pedro. Absolutely charming town with no cars and beautiful. It was one of our favorite stops. The chicken they serve is great as well. Hope this helps.