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Cozumel Catamaran

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Barb, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Barb

    Barb Guest

    Can anyone recommend a company in Cozumel that specializes in Catamaran snorkelling trips in Cozumel? We would like to deal with someone that is reliable, as well as knowledgable in the area. Thanks!
  2. JCraps

    JCraps Guest

    I would suggest using Fury Catamaran. It was a lot of fun and the drinks are very plentiful after you get done snorkling.
  3. Deborah

    Deborah Guest

    The Fury Catamaran is the absolute best. We sailed with them this past May, and Loved it. They meet you right at the pier. We took the afternoon tour and had a great time. After an hour of snorkeling they take you to a private beach where you can relax and enjoy the afternoon. Kayaking, floating mats are free. Nice Private beach with volleyball, beach chair for relaxing in, and lots of free drinks. While we were relaxing on a floating mat, one of the tour guides waded into the water with ice cold beers for the two us...."Now thats the Life"......Need less to say ........The Cruise Back to the ship was alot of fun and soooo relaxing.
    I would do this again in a heartbeat.!
  4. Budracer

    Budracer Guest

    Enough said Fury....
  5. beverly

    beverly Guest

    Does The Fury Catamaran have a website?
  6. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    I too must recommend Fury Catamaran's. Since we booked the tour thru the cruise line, I cannot tell you if you can book it on your own or not.
  7. Al

    Al Guest

    Fury does have a website - complete with appropriate music - and you can book on-line. They have operations in Cozumel and Key West. The Cozumel catamaran runs $58pp - not bad at all for what you get. We booked it for 12/19, and are really looking forward to a wonderful day.
  8. Medo13

    Medo13 Guest

    Great to hear Fury has a website. Tried, unable to find. Perhaps you can help
  9. Al

    Al Guest

    Sorry - should have included the link in my post. Here ya go!!


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