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Cozumel-Chankannab Park

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by barbie1, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. barbie1

    barbie1 Guest

    We are a family of 4, with two boys ages 9 & 11, traveling with 2 other families. We had booked an excursion through princess which is , biking to and snorkeling at Chankannab Park. It says in the brouchere that the entire trip should take approximately 4 hours. Biking is 1/2 hour each way and 2 1/2 hours to spend at the park. Total price for this excursion is $236. (length of time in cozumel, from 7am to 6pm). My question's are ...

    1. Is 2 1/2 hours enough time to spend at the park?

    2. After this excursion we wanted to go to Playa Sol, to relax, have some drinks on the beach, eat and let the kids have fun. Is that a good idea? or is this place really crowded?

    3. Should we maybe skip Playa Sol and go to another quieter beach that has beachside dining and drinks and good snorkeling?

    4. Should we cancel the excursion and take a taxi on our own to Chankannab Park, and spend as much time as we want there? ( biking sounded pretty neat to do though)

    *** I also wanted to do a little shopping on this island.
    I've read that the natives make chess sets carved out of wood or stone.
    I wanted to purchase this for my boys.

    thanks, Barb :)

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  2. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    I would go with option #4. Take a taxi and stay at the park. There are chess sets for sale where we docked. I think they are carved from stone. We were at the international pier. You may dock in San Miguel. It is only a short taxi ride away. Chess sets might be there also.
  3. wmanganell

    wmanganell Guest

    I agree-although bikng sounds great it is adding alot of money to your trip-taxi fare is $10 each way and the park entry is $10 per person-thats only $60 for your family.They have some dining at the park and beach drink service-also dolphins and sea lions, parrots , gardens and showers. Rental snorkeling gear was inexpensive I think about $8 per person.
    You would be biking on a busy highway where they are alittle crazy behind the wheel.
    I also don't see the need to go to another beach I think the kids will really enjoy the beach at the park I know my 10 &12 year olds loved it. You would still have time to take a cab to town and shop- and you would have an extra $100 or so to spend!!!!!!!! Feel free to Email me if you have any more questions-have a great trip!!!!

  4. barbie1

    barbie1 Guest

    Thank you Wendy and Darlene for your advice. I think I will just do that, Chankannab sounds like a great place to spend the day.

    Is there a sand beach? because I hear that if you want to snorkel you walk down some steps to get into the water. This I guess is where the coral is.

    I can't wait...we are cruising 4/20/03 thanks, Barb

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  5. Rosie

    Rosie Guest

    There is a small shopping area in the park where you can purchase the typical native wares. We loved shopping there because the clerks did not pressure you to buy. We found some chess sets there. Check it out!

  6. barbie1

    barbie1 Guest

    Thanks Rosie, I'll have to check out the shopping in the park.
  7. SB

    SB Guest

    Barbie: My family (5) went on the Voyager last year and we went to Chankannab Park. I would take a taxi to the park. You can definetly spend the entire day there. There is a sandy beach area with a resturant/bar right behind it. They have GREAT guacamole (sp?)and chips . You can rent snorkel gear there and there is easy access into the water. We also did the dolphin swim. It was the highlight of our trip for our 3 kids. They also have animal shows. Enjoy uour cruise

  8. Sensation

    Sensation Guest

    Why go to another park when you're already at one. We went to "C" park and thought it was great. No reason to leave to go to "P" park. We just took a taxi there and did stuff on our own. We were going to do the dolphin thing but when we found out we couldn't actually SWIM with the dolphins, it was just an encounter, we opted out. I wasn't going to pay $100 to "pet" them. You can have drinks and eat on "C". We were there on a Tuesday and it was not crowded. It was probably around 1:00 or so. It might be really crowded on the weekend but what beach wouldn't be. Hope this helps.
  9. barbie1

    barbie1 Guest

    Thanks Sensation,

    I used all the helpful advise I received from everyone, and came to the conclusion that ...

    I will cancel the biking excursion to Chankanaab Park that I booked through Princess.
    Instead I will take a taxi there and spend as much time as I want in the park. I should still have plenty of time to do some shopping and visit Carlos and Charlies for a couple of drinks before returning to the ship.

    thanks everyone, Barb :)
  10. kkorman

    kkorman Guest

    How far is the "C" park from the Piers? Are there ample taxis to return you to the ship, probably a dumb question being that I have been to many parts of mexico and it is hard to get away from the taxis.
  11. wmanganell

    wmanganell Guest

    It depends an which pier you are docked at-But I would say no more than 30 mins.
    We were on the Carnival Pride and docked at the new pier .From there it was only a 10 min ride if that. Believe me there were plenty of taxis at the exit when we were ready to leave!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun-Wendy
  12. traveltime

    traveltime Guest

    Are there covered chairs and/or cabanas at Chankannab? If so, were there enough to enough to go around? Also, are there lockers available for placing your valuables while you swim? We missed "C" park last year - it poured rain the entire time we were in port. This year, we're planning to go straight there.
  13. wmanganell

    wmanganell Guest

    Yes there are chairs which can be placed in the shade and there were plenty the day we were there. I am not sure about the lockers as we didn't bother looking.Hope the weather cooperates for you this time!!!!!!

    Enjoy your trip,
  14. traveltime

    traveltime Guest

    Thanks Wendy!! Fingers crossed for a beautiful day!
  15. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    There are lockers for rent in the restroom/showers from a vendor at Chankanaab
  16. traveltime

    traveltime Guest

    Thanks John!

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