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Cozumel - Paradise Beach



If your destination is Cozumel, don't miss a chance to go to Paradise Beach. A $15 cab ride (per car) and a 10 minute ride is all it takes to enjoy paradise.

No admission. No charge to rent chairs/umbrellas - and there are tons of them. Also some hammocks in the palm trees. CLEAN CLEAN facilities. WONDERFUL food/drinks and very moderately priced. Salsa, Guac, pineapple drinks and margaritas are some of the best anywhere. Service (on the beach) is excellent.

For the kids, a $5 wristband gives you unlimited use of water toys including an iceberg and trampoline.

Get an excellent massage on the beach for $1 per minute.

And meet Tom, the manager and local expert who will make sure your stay is enjoyable.

They have a website and tons of reviews on cruisecritic.com. CHECK IT OUT.


Sounds great. I'm considering this one but I have also heard it is expensive for food and drinks (they make up for the free admission). Would be very pleased if you or someone who has been there can define "moderately priced." Honestly speaking, "How much for a beer?"


I have read a lot of great reviews about PB from other cruisers, and plan to go there on my 1st cruise in Jan 2005.
I have even spoken to Tom and Sally who work there and have been added to a VIP drink list they have. I can hardly wait to get there.


We went to Playa Mia, paid $12 per person cover charge, and still paid about the same price for food and drinks that Paradise Beach charges.

Splendour of the Seas 12/11/2004


Their website says there is a $5 charge to cover use of chairs/umbrellas/ bathrooms... Does anyone know from experience if this is right? Also, TeresaJenkins, how did you get on the VIP drink list and what does it get you?
Thanks in advance!

lil poohbear

I went back to review their website and there is no charge to get in (most places charge bigtime) it costs $12 for four people to get there by cab. The food is comparable to a Chilli's restaurant in the states i.e. nachos $6, soft drinks $2, fries$4 and $5 per person per day to use their equipment (still is a little unclear if it is $5 per item or $5 covers whatever you use) I came out with this estimate:

approx: $64/4 people=2 plates of nachos
4 soft drinks
4 beach chairs
cab fare

If you have looked at the other beach excursions, this is definitely not that expensive. I am really frugal with extras on cruises and i plan to take my parents to PB next week!! Have fun planning!!


I think the best deal is the $32 for all you can drink, eat and snorkeling, Kayaks at the beach break on <A href="http://cozumelcruiseexcursions.com/>Cozumel Cruise Excursions</A> they even have a pool and jacuzzi!! My kind of place!!


I was at Paradise Beach in Coz in Dec. Tom runs a top notch place. Very clean and the staff is fantastic. The food and drink prices are no higher than any place place else you would go.

THE VIP list has to do with the Pineapple drinks that they serve. The drinks are served in a cored out pineapple. They make a face on the pineapple with various pieces of fruit. I believe these were $10 maybe $12 but they are large. After that you get the regular drinks and just pour them into the pineapple. Or you can just get the regular drinks to begin with. Tom posted at another cruise board that when he began doing the drinks int he pineapples he often had trouble getting enough pineapples so people would preorder their pineapple drinks, so began the VIP list. He says he now has a great suppllier and has plenty pineapples. They also server drinks in coconuts. I didn't spend much over the $32 and that was after buying items at the gift shop, eating and having several drinks.

I would highly recommend Paradise Beach.


From the cruise pier, you say it is 15.00 cab ride PER car, are there any cabs that charge you per person? How far is it from the pier anyway? Thanks


We were there for the second time a couple of weeks ago. $5 is per person to use the water toys. They give you a wristband, The chairs and umbrellas were free. The food was very good and the beer was cold. I can't remember what our bill came to, but the prices for beer were reasonable. They don't have Corona. They have the local beer that tastes very close to Corona. Service at Paradise beach is great!

If you want Corona, there is a small "flea market" type store with a bar in town that has $1 Coronas. We usually spend an hour or so having a couple of beers there before heading back to the ship. From the pier that RCCL uses, the taxi ride into town is $6 per cab or four people.

We took tons of pictures in Cozumel. Here is the link to my photos. Enjoy :)




The beer of choice at Paradise Beach is Sol. In my opinion, it is superior to Corona.

I'll bet that any Corona drinker would gladly ditch their Corona for a Sol. It's like Corona without the skunky smell.


We were just there a week ago. It was a beautiful beach, clean everywhere, service impeccable,
can't remember the price of food or drinks-well worth it and would do it all over again in a minute.


I want to make a visit back to Chankanaab Park first, how far is PB from there? Can you walk it or have to take taxi?? How much for taxi from town to other side of Island? ty


We were there a couple weeks ago. I would go right back there tomorrow if I could. Staff great, area
clean, perfect beach area for us. Only comment /suggestion I would have is this. We paid our bill
for 6 of approx 125.00 (lots of beer, nachos, etc etc). Our server asked is we would pay his tip in cash
as opposed to adding it on the VISA. Either he doesn't get it at all, or not right away. I told him we weren't giving him a tip. Of course I told him we were teasing , he was superb and was there for us ALL
the time we wanted to order drinks or food. He was terrific!. Hence we left him a nice tip in cash. Just
plan ahead if you are going and planning to use a credit card.


Paradise beach was nice, but be aware that some cruise ship excursions that end at the beach - end at Paradise beach. We enjoyed a lovely morning, but about 11AM the buses started rolling in and we were overrun. Nice place, but you might not want to plan a full day there.