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Cozumel - Punta del Sur?


Steven Shultz

Heading for Cozumel next month on RCCL. We've done Chankanaab etc. and are considering renting a car and visiting the "national" park on the southern tip of the island. I think it's called Punta del Sur. There is supposed to be a lighthouse and some birdwatching available. Has anyone been before? Is it at least as good as Chankanaab? Any snorkeling available? Thanks for any info!!


The surf is very rough there, no swimming, when we went there. In fact, there is basically nothing there other than the small lighthouse. We did it on a motorbike. Not at all as good as Chankanaab. If you want something different try Playa Sol beach, a little past Chankanaab. No snorkling though, of any significance. They have a website <http://playasol.com.mx/>


Past that is San Francisco Beach Club. Very nice and relaxed. While there I took a Zodiac Boat out to the reef and had a fabulous snorkel experience.