Debbie R

What's the best shore excursion in Cozumel? Going on the Fascination Sept. 24.
Anyone else?


What do you like to do?

Personally, I would take a cab to Channakuab Park, swim snorkel and play in the water.

Then, take a cab to the flea market and shop and then find a good cold one!

Visit Carlos & Charlies and check out all the crazy fun people. ha ha

To each his own.

Enjoy and have a great time.


Actually, next time we wouldn't do an excursion. We'd pretty much do what Donna suggested. Cab to a beach, then lunch and shopping. Leisurely pace.

We did the Jeep Adventure with Sea Princess. Hubby loved it. It was the longest four hours of my life. Hated almost every second. (Although the food at the bbq on the beach was out of this world!)

Debbie R

Thanks for the input. Did you snorkle at Chankanaab Park? Would it be easy for beginners? I hear so much about Carlos and Charlies. Everyone says its a blast, but what exactly makes it so wild? Just curious, I'm sure we'll go,we love a good time, but hubby keeps asking exactly why everyone thinks its so great and I don't have an answer.

Appreciate your help!


It is an $8 cab ride total (up to four people) and $10 per person to get into the park. It is a marine sanctuary and has awesome snorkeling. Visability in Cozumel is around 70-110 feet. AWESOME! We scuba dive too and we went on a beach dive here right where the snorkelers go - it is great! It is roped off too so no boats are there. The place to swim with the dolphins is located in the park along with a lagoon, trails to walk through, two restaurants, lotts of scuba/snorkels huts to rent gear. The gear is around $2-3 per piece (fins, snorkel, mask and life vest if want)... The best place is right in front of the snorkel huts - the guys there will be happy to help you and explain anything you want to know. This is real easy to do and this way when you are ready you can catch a cab back to the ship or on into town to shop... Cabs are plentiful so don't worry about getting back. Hope this helps! This is our favorite stop and have done this route 6 times - I couldn't believe it when I added it up - we love to scuba dive though and this is the best route to do it! Be careful - we snorkeed in Cozumel and that is when my hubby decided he had to learn how to scuba and of course he wants me to be his buddy!!! :) Debbie


Divetex had posted a great list of things to do but it got lost in one of the server meltdowns. Maybe if you ask nice he can repost it?



Lots of things to do in Coz. Make sure you snorkel, if you get a chance. Chankanaab is good for snorkeling, but not much of a sandy entrance into the water. Playa Del Sol is an excellent beach, but the snorkeling isn't so good. There are several good areas in front of some of the local hotels, as well. If you get a chance, go into town (San Miguel), and take a leisurely stroll on Rafael Melgar. If you are into Margaritas, Palmeras makes a mean one (on the rocks), and be sure and at least stick your head into Carlos n Charlies. Good shopping to be found here; look for the bargains! Most of all, just have fun!!


When we were in Cozumel I booked ahead of time(not through the cruise line) the "Swim with Dolphins" at Dolphin Discovery. It was absolutely the best thing I have ever done in my life!!! It is rather costly but well worth it. You have to call far in advance to get a reservation. I think that you can also book through They offer a "dolphin encounter" which is just standing in the water and petting the dolphins. The "swim" is a total of about an hour including a short video about dolphins. You get to play with the dolphins and get a kiss from them. They will push you, tow you by their dorsal fins, splash and play.Dolphin Discovery only book 6 people at a time with 2 dolphins. And only a few times a day. That is why if you are interested you need to book right away. And it is located in Chankanaab National Park. Just a short cab ride from the port!
I would do this again in a heartbeat if ever given the opportunity.
Have fun no matter what you decide to do. Happy Cruising!!!


We had a blast in Coz. Lots of things to do. One of the best places in the Caribbean and don't mis "Carlos & Charlies" If you like to let your hair down dance on the tables etc,etc,etc you will love it. I won't give too much away but you need to be a bit "free spirited" and young at heart!!!!!!!!

We are going again in Jan 2002 and we sure won't mis Carlos & Charlies


I agree with Darlene. We just got back last Sunday from our cruise on Millie. I swam with the dolphins at Chankanaab Park which I booked on line 3 months in advance. They sent me confirmation via e-mail. It was the most fantastic experience, especially the foot push! The park itself was really nice and we had a great time there. We also found from talking to others that at most ports you can do much better on your own rather than booking excursions on the ship. Whatever you plan have a GREAT time.

I have to start planning and dreaming about my next cruise now! It's so depressing when they come to an end.

Debbie R

Divetex - are you there? If you could re-post that list it would be great, although it looks like I would just hate to miss Chankanaab Park after what I've read here, but I'd love to hear any other thoughts.

Thanks again for all the help. This is my first post on these boards. What fun!


I don't really have a list, but here's what I can remember:
1. Scuba dive (if not certified, get certified)
2. Snorkel (Chankanaab, Dzul-Ha, Palancar Shallows, etc)
3. Play miniature golf at Cozumel Mini-Golf (They give you a radio so you can order drinks while you play; but don't be surprised by the big, live iguanas on the course)
4. Walk past Carlos 'n Charlies, look up, and give thanks that you're not up there
5. Have appetizers and 'ritas at Pancho's Backyard and then shop at Las Cinco Soles
6. Have 'ritas on the rocks at Palmeras.....try to get one of the coupons for a free one, for they have at least 3 shots of tequila in them
7. Take a cab to the east side of the island for "beaching," but don't swim there: too dangerous
8. Take pity on the people who rent mopeds; about 2 out of 5 will have an accident
9. Shop for some native silver jewelry and "onyx" (marble, actually)
10. Go to the lighthouse at the south end of the island
11. Parasail
12. Walk the waterfront. Visit the divers monument
13. Have someone take your photo with your ship in the background
14. Be friendly and smile. If you know even a little Spanish, use it.
15. Buy some blue agave tequila at reasonable prices
16. Buy some Agavero liqueur
17. Buy a Christmas ornament and/or a refrigerator magnet
18. Eat a churro if the little cart on the plaza is open
19. Eat another one
20. Drink another 'rita at Palmeras. Then another.
21. Have someone pour you back onto the ship.

Hope this helps. B)


Gotta go with Debbie! Chankanaab is one of our favorite stops! In addition to what you read above, Chankanaab also has an archeological park. It covers several acres and has full-sized castings, and reproductions, of Mayan, Aztec, Olmec and Toltec artifacts. There's a nature path that goes around the actual laggon, with several viewing stops where you can look into the lagoon and see the tropical reef fish. The snorkling is excellent. There's also a bar hut where you can get ice cold Dos Equis XX Beer....


Ohhh Jeff, you said the magic cold Dos Equis XX Beer ! ! Only after diving of course!


Debbie R,

WELCOME!!! I myself have to try some of the things Divetex mentioned - even after being there six times on a cruise and three days on an all inclusive resort I still have a lot to do! Divetex - that was a great list!! The water is so beautiful! It you go on the top deck and look overboard you can see straight down to the bottom of the ocean where you are docked! Incredible!! There is a sand beach at Chankannab right next to the Dolphin Encounter (we did this once and it was great - booked it through them that day- got lucky there was space...). The beach is very gradual and you can even sit on the bottom till you are used to using the snorkel gear. You can hear the dolphins while you have your head in the water - kind on neat! I used a life jacket - this may sound strange but when you are over your head in water and you take your face out of the water to clear your mask or talk to the person you are with you don't float so you have to tread water and this can get real tiring - on the dive gear we have a BCD or an inflatable life vest and I'm spoilt! :) The snorkeling didnot seem as good here as in front of the huts though - there were more fish over there... :) Debbie

Debbie R

Thanks Divetex - that was a great list. Appreciate all the other info also. Needless to say, I'm very excited about seeing Cozumel.