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Credit Card and ATM

Discussion in 'Europe' started by blong, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. blong

    blong Guest

    We will be cruising to the following ports (Le Havre - Lisbon - Cadiz- Barcelona - Marseille -Cannes - Genoa and Rome) on the NCL Dream's London to Rome April 19, 2004. I've used a Master Card in Europe on other trips and used traveler checks, but never used the ATM machines. How well do they work and do you get Euros or dollars or do you have a choice? What fees are involved in the transaction and is it a good thing to do?

  2. Hlitner

    Hlitner Guest

    We have used ATMs in Europe and Asia for many years with no problems. Since the major credit card companies started charging 2% (or more) for currency exchange (often hidden in the rate) ATMs are usually cheaper. Debit cards also work fine. Here are a few tips. Know your PIN number in numbers (usually there are no letters on their keyboards) and have a 4 digit number (5 digits will not work in many European ATMs). Check with your ATM bank on any fees they might assess (mine charges nothing) and notify your ATM bank of your itinerary and make sure they note this on your computer file. The past couple of years they have gotten very security conscious and might stop your card when they notice strange usage patterns. Advance notice will avoid this potential problem. We always carry some travelers checks as an emergency back-up, but have not cashed one of those checks in over 10 years.

  3. blong

    blong Guest


    Thanks for your input.
  4. blong

    blong Guest


    Thanks again. I now have a bank cash card which is tied to my checking account.

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