Crest White Strips



Anyone here use these?

I tried them for the first time tonight and they seem to slide all over my teeth. Not sure how I am supposed to get them to stay in one spot.

If you have any advice I sure would appreciate it before I have to do it tomorrow morning again.


I used them last year. They did slide. :( I wasn't impressed with the results. No one noticed at all, not even dh, mom or sis.

Cruise cutie

just as an FYI.. as a Dental nurse of 14 years.. they will slide, and if you DO NOT HAVE PERFECT STRAIGHT PICKET FENCE TEETH.. :(.. they can "hit and miss" how they DO bleach.. as in if you have "crooks" in your teeth.. I know most folks do not want to hear this....sigh.. the ONLY way to bleach effectivly is with custom made trays. AT a DENTIST.. and NEVER PULEASE NEVER>>> fall for that BS crapiola "bleach whitener " they advertise on ships.. it's a LOAD OF BEEP.. and I KNOW SO.. folks pay huge money and get so taken it's not funny..

and also the "bleach whitener" in toothpaste will whiten your teeth over a looonngg period of time, but sad to say because it's so rough on your gums..:(.. the gums tend to recede causing a huge problem then with having the softer enamel then exposed...causing a chance at decay where it would not have been in the first place..:(.. I know if's not fashionable to say the right way is custom trays AT the dentists but it is..=shrug.JMHO>>>.Good luck, and hugs... Joanne


Cruise cutie, that is interesting. I asked my dentist about the teeth whitening during my last check up and he was the one that suggested using the strips. I did not know that the whitening toothpastes recede your gums either. I have problems with that, maybe I will switch toothpastes!

So, there is no "trick" to keeping these strips on then I take it? Maybe tomorrow I'll try drying my teeth before I put them on! LOL

Cruise cutie

one more thing..if you have "tooth colored fillings".. in the front teeth in your mouth that show; when you smile....... otherwise known as composite fillings.. these fillings to be put in properly are to "blend" in with the shade of your teeth.. and Whoops if you DO bleach your teeth, and they DO lighten guess what??..yuppers.. the plastic composite does NOT lighten so then these fillings are darker...and show up.. and darned if the only way to get them lighter to then match your newly bleached teeth??.. :( guessed it.. to replace the composite fillings again with lighter shade material to match your lovely newly bleached front teeth..

and if you have permanent crowns/ veneers.. on front teeth.. they do NOT lighten either.. that is tooth colored baked on color to crowns... and that is a permanent shade too.., so you have to consider that with bleaching teeth.....they stay the same.. the other teeth lighten with the bleaching means choices...

bleaching teeth with trays MADE at a dentist most times does work, takes 90 minutes a day for 2 weeks.. and you can drop a ton of shades from tea, coffee, red wine, and the worst culprit of all.. nicotine stain from cigarettes..BUT... teeth are absorbant.. so if you pick up any of these habits .. and consistently expose your teeth to them.. they will need "touch ups", after bleaching them...and you can indeed "relighten "..them with another bleaching catch up...but it is a good method to use.. and it truly does work.. for a lot of folks.. not to say you'll have a perfect Mariah Carey smile..( BTW..hers are veneers..!!think lee press on nails on TOP of her original teeth..:grin.. ).but the time, effort, and money deters a lot of folks.but the results often times are worth it!!. Happy bleaching gang.!!.:daisy..Joanne..


Bleaching can also sensitize the nerves within teeth, especially on younger people. I have worked for an Endodonist (root canal specialist) for 14 years and for General Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Periodontists (gum specialist) for 17 years before that. No one, that I know, in the field bleaches their teeth. Too many risks, too much maintenance. What they sell in stores appeals to our vanity, but our teeth were not meant to be bleached. Just my 2 cents worth.

Cruise cutie

=yeah.. more good info.. the mine are..I actually do it every other day for a month..when I do bleach mine.. and only every couple years.. as I do NOT drink red wine, nor smoke..and only 2-3 cups of coffee over a whole day.. and the occasional cuppa tea..and I have lighter teeth.. but Debowah does add another good point with that.. and I do think bleaching IS a big commitment.. up here in the East most folks that do bleach are in 30's, 40's, 50's.. and tend to have a LOT less sensitivity than young kids in their 20's..,and the resons older folks do the bleaching..they do it for themselves, work, and to "feel better".. =shrug.. it's about ones self esteem too.., and for folks who feel self concious..a prettier smile can make people who have poor self image feel better.. and it sure beats a face lift!! .. and while some people feel it's a waste..for those folks who want to try to improve how things are.. and want true info..It's nice to have more info for those considering..

=grrr.and for the stuff on ship;that they pass off as a teeth light/bleach real treatment!!..:(..that is a total waste of $$ and incredible Cow poop value..:daisy..Joanne


I had the mouth trays made and use a professional product. I only use it twice a year. what you can do is make your own trays by going to the sporting goods department and buying a mouth guard that football players use. Take it home. Boil it to make it soft, and then insert it and it will ALMOST form - but not perfectly. Use it with the crest strips. I know people who do it this way.


I used the White Strips recently. It was the twice daily for 30 min. for 14 days.

I had to learn how to line them up correctly the first shot, or they crumple up. They are slimey, so I found that if I kept my mouth shut (hard for me to do) for 1/2 hour, they stayed in place. Also what I found very important is to make sure that the tape is secured to the backside of the front of the teeth (upper and lower) That does help to keep it in place.....but most of all keep your tongue away from everything until it is time to take them out.

That being said....for the price and the hassle, I was NOT impressed with the results.

I followed the directions and did the whole treatment package.

My dentist said it was about $300 to $400 for him to whiten them...too pricey for me. I can think of better use for that kind of money besides whiter teeth.


I too have the trays and bleach from the dentist, but it helps to have a sister who is a hygenist.

And here's what she does....

When she's doing a series of bleaching, she drinks her coffee through a straw, to keep it away from the teeth. Actually, she does this a lot. She even did it on our last cruise. The waiter looked at her strange when she asked for a straw the first night at dinner, but after that he got used to it.

Hey, you gotta do, what you gotta do...


if you want to get a tray (form fitting type made by an impression) for less than at the Drs office; check to see if there is a dental school in your area, or a dental hygiene school. They will make the trays for far less $$ as they need the practice and the credit for their courses.


USED TO USE THEM... Then tried Rite Aid brand.. $8.. they dont slide.. there are no upper or lowers, they are the same size and they work very well!