Crown Aft Cabin



We are booked on the Crown cabin C752 in 2009. I am wondering if there is much movement as I am somewhat a whimp when it comes to sea sickness. We have had inside midship cabins in the past and have little or no problem but did have a bad time in a forward cabin. This will be our first time with a balcony but wondering if I should change to a midship cabin if there is too much motion. Any help is greatly appreciated.



You say you are a wimp when it comes to seasickness but never experienced it. How do you know you will get sea sick.

IF you ship hits rough waters you will experience motion no matter where you are.
C752 is sooo well worth it-- and if the cabin is rocking youhead to the upper deck and sit out there for a bit.

Having C753 on the CB-- sister of the crown-- it was the best aft balcony we ever had. Only one neighbor- our own private hall.

We booked C753 on the crown for February-- but switched to the E731 mini suite with the extra long balcony


I have had very bad experiences with sea sickness in forward cabins. To the point of being so sick the ships doc had to come to our cabin to administer a shot. That is why we have been booking mid ship cabins which I have not had any problems, My question is how much difference is an aft cabin with movement in normal seas. I understand everything moves in bad seas. I just don't want to spend a week being miserable if an aft cabin has a lot of movement.


I agree with Serene....where your cabin is has nothing to do with whether you will or will not get seasick. RARELY do people become seasick these days. If you are really concerned, go buy the patch at your drugstore to take with you in case you hit heavy seas. Last time I was seasick was back in 1977, before stabilizers were state of the art, and on what back then, was a standard ship. Today it would be considered a very small ship (the old Statendam)...even in heavy seas, most people are fine. If you pack backup, you can forget about it, and book whatever cabin suits you.


Had C752 on the Emerald which is the Crown's sister in Feb. and absolutely loved the cabin and it had minimal movement. Here are a couple photos if U have NOT seen any yet. :thumb