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Crown Princess - No Sterling? & Free Ice Cream?


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In checking Princess.com food menus I noticed that the Crown no longer has a Sterling Steakhouse ($15/pp surcharge). It appears to be replaced by the "Crown Grill" ($25/pp surcharge).

Does anyone have any experiences with the Crown Grill that they'd care to share?

I've always gone to the Sterling at least once per trip. At the $25 level, I'm not sure I want to try the Crown Grill. The Sterling had great steaks, far superior to what the regular dining room offered; the Crown Grill appears to offer none.

Also, Ice Cream Bar hours are listed as 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and the CHARGES are listed as "None". Is this correct? Have they dropped the charge for ice cream (I know they used to serve it free in the Horizon Ct. Buffet daily around 3pm.).



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The Crown Grill is better.........Yes the ice cream is now free. This changed very recently. I have been told it is only soft serve (ok by me) and the afternoon ice cream at the buffet have been discontinued. Hard ice cream is still available in the dr.


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Crown Grill versus Sterling

Crown Grill has steaks !!! ( and other great stuff)
Crown Grill has atmosphere !!! (Sterling always felt like an afterthought (because it was)
Worth the extra cost !!
Better location, and creates a much better location for Sabatini's to boot !
Why do you think Princess is converting all the Grand Class ships to the Crown Class configuration ?
Ask anyone who has sailed on the Crown, Emerald, or Ruby....MUCH BETTER !!


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I love the Crown Grill. It was the best meal we had onboard the Crown Princess. It was worth every penny.....and the lobster they served was huge and delicious. We are booked on the Ruby for Thanksgiving and plan on eating at the Crown Grill at least twice during the cruise.


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Crown Grill versus Sterling

sounds great. thx. will give it a try.

was the lobster included in the price or was it an extra cost item? (I've been told it's an additional $9 or $10)


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Where is the "free soft serve ice cream" now if they discontinued the one in the afternoon at the buffet?

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The Crown Grill is incomparable!!! *WE*.. DH Mark and I went 4x on the Emerald 20 dayer we had in February!!..
AND Just got off the Sea Princess last Saturday and there is still free ice cream home-made every day at the Horizon Court..it's there between 4 and 5 PM..and available..sigh ...that Macadamia Nut Crunch is to die for!!..that must have been 2 of the pounds I gained..at least!!oh and yeah the free soft serve is at the Ice cream /pizza station on the pool deck..yummo..free is free... :D..enjoy!!...:)..Joanne
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The charge for the lobster tail was $9....more than worth it. But if I remember correctly there was lobster on the menu included with the surcharge. I would recommend you pay the $9 and get the lobster tail or the whole lobster. Yum! Also, the service was excellent.


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The Crown Grill was very good when we went and the lobster I had was not an extra charge, but they are small tails. I think you could order a large lobster at an extra charge.


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Another vote for the Crown Grill here but I must say that Sterlings has always provided a Gr8 steak offering as well. :clap: The difference IMO might be that the service level seemed to me to be a bit HIGHER in the Crown Grill. :confused: Kudos as well to Princess for bringing back the FREE Ice Cream. :boogie: Guess that was one experiment that NEVER panned out for them. :dance: