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{{{{{{{{{{cruise-addicts}}}}}}}}}}} missed you all!



We just got back from vacation after 3 weeks and I have to say I am glad to be back home, even though we had a fabulous time! We drove to Florida to pick up the ship and on the way we met some friends, including JK, a cruise addict. She was exactly as I expected....even though she had a rough time with her plane schedule, she was all smiles when we met and she gave me the cutest door decoration that she made herself! Her hubby was so nice, and I also met a couple of her friends, who let us use their cell phone.

The cruise was more than we ever expected and was delightful. Danielle, our daughter, wouldn't let us forget that her boyfriend was at home and not with her, so she was not always a happy cruiser! The itinerary was awesome, including the weather.

We followed the cruise with a week at Disney, and never had to stand in line more than 5 minutes for rides, which was absolutely astonishing. November is a great time for Disney!

More details and review to come, but for now I am so happy to be at home. Anything exciting happen while I was gone, with my "family" here?


Cricket I had forgot yu had such a long time planned I was wondering where you were this morning. Glad it all went so well. wome back!!


=welcome =homesign Cricket. Glad to hear U all had a Gr8 cruise / vacation. Look forward to hearing more about it and seeing some of those =photo when U get back into the swing of things.



Sure is great to see you back. Missed ya!!!!!! We will give you time to get through the holiday and then want a report.

red stripe

well cricket.. where to begin...
me and maw opened a shop selling arts and crafts... Einstein was told he is up for the Nobel Peace Prize... John sold the board to micky mouse...

just kidding.. welcome back, and goodbye, we leave tomorrow :grin

Gayle V

Hi Cricket. Nice to see you back. Sounds like it was a great trip.

There was one development while you were gone. John sort of announced a new group cruise for the board. He got us all excited and curious, but hasn't given us any specific about which ship, where to, or when. So far it's being called the "double secret mystery group cruise". Such a tease he's being ! I've sort of lost tract of where the double secret part comes into play. The whole thing seems to be the mystery part. We've just about given up on hearing anything more.


Cricket: Welcome back! I think someone threw John overboard....he teased us for days about a cruise and then disappeared.

Jill B

G'Day Cricket. Glad to hear you had a great cruise. Back to reality now :(
Don't ya hate that. But home is always good.


Hi Cricket....welcome home.....looking forward to hearing all about your trip....Hope you took lots of pictures...Ellie


Welcome back =homesign Cricket! You sure have been gone awhile, glad to see you back! Now get all settled back in, get the laundry started and tell us all about your cruise and vacation! :wave (oh, yeah, and start planning that next cruise!):thumb

Donna - dsw

Welcome Home - don't you love Disney? Glad you had a great trip. Rest up and then tell us all about it.