Cruise Addicts NEW YEAR Roll-Call!!


I'm on Island Time
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Were fast approaching the New Year! I hope you will join me and posting a HELLO for the coming NEW YEAR!!! Our hope is to reinvigorate our forums. Many of our past users visit but, we hope they will participate as well.

My name is John and I certainly have a Cruise Addiction! The weather today in FL is cool with allot of Sun!

Donna - dsw

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Hello - my name is Donna - been here since early on and still posting!

I love to cruise but don't get to do as much as I would like.

I live in Northern Ohio where we have had snow every day this week. Only about 8 or 9 inches total - but still snow! I hope to move somewhere warm some day!

Counting the days til my next cruise on a new ship and my first Aft Balcony!


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We are Liz (popcorn) & Alfer & we live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia where it is a cool but clear morning. Not sure if or when we will be on another cruise. Finances, mobility issues & age are interfering with any plans.


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Karin & Randy here from So Cal. Found this board around 2004 when we took our first cruise. Just back from a Panama Canal cruise and am trying to figure out our next one.

connie seabee

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Hi I'm Connie from Illinois, a far suburb outside of Chicago. I've been around here since 2001. We love to cruise, although it has been awhile. We need to book a cruise this year.

Gayle V

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Hi all. I'm Gayle V, and I'm still here. Have been since day one. I check in everyday, even though I don't post as often as I used to. The addiction never ceases. (The money on the other hand, has it's limits.)

No cruises booked at the present and it's really making me stir-crazy. We'll be taking the grands to Orlando to visit the Mouse at the end of January; but after that, it'll be time to get serious about planning the next cruise.


Maw(Marilyn) & Paw (Bill) we have been around since our first cruise in 2001. Have tried to get in two cruises a year despite some major health set backs. Love meeting my addicts friends on ship . Have one booked for March but not sure when next will be. Getting harder on us pshyically and finacly We live in Missouri Ozarks and are over 75.


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Kathy here from NW Illinois, at the very edge of the mighty Mississippi. I've been around since our 1st cruise in 2000. We love cruising but these past few yrs we have been limited due to health issues, mobility issues, & finances (it is the high cost of airfare). Our last cruise was in April. We hope to get in at least 1 more cruise but with DS getting married in May, crusing plans are on hold for now.


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Same ol' bob not much changing around here except welcoming in the new year with snow, as I type...................


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Jan here from the Twin Cities of MN. Been around a long time. I am addicted to cruising. The ones I enjoy the most are the group cruises. Going on 1 in March. I need to get out of here for awhile in the winter.


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Evie (gram) & Joe have been a member since 2004. We are from the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Love cruises and have met many of the wonderful cruise addicts on group cruises.

Gramma Ann

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Gramma Ann and Oscar. Been here since close to the beginning ( late in 1999). Like many others we want to cruise lots, but age, finances,and mobility issues seem to keep getting in the way.

Krazy Kruizers

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Hi all

Yonnie & Joe from outside Pittsburgh, PA - with 10 inches of ice and snow, cold and windy. I first came here in 2001.

Used to cruise about 65 - 80 days a year. But house issues and health issues is keeping us home bound a lot now.


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Susan from DFW area - to get rain today and it's been cold (down to 20's at night which is cold for Texas). Been here since early on don't remember date - shows I'm gettin old. Love to cruise but am slowing down due to $$ as I'm getting ready to retire. Do have a cruise booked for April 2013 and October 2014 with plan to do a birthday cruise 1-2014 when I turn 70.

Everyone have a safe and great New Year's Eve (I'll be working as I'm Rn in the ED) and hope your New Year is wonderful.



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Erik from Sweden here. Living about 2 hours southwest of the capital, Stockholm, in a small town that is reffered to as "the cradle of the Swedish industry".
Have been onboard here since 2010 (think I registered in January but didn't start to post until August).
Found a great bunch of people on this board so I have been here most every day since I started to post.
Have only met 3 C@'s yet IRL (Christoffer, Cruise Cutie and Cruise Hubby) but hope to meet many more in February/March.

Tutak and The Bos from Akron, Ohio where it is 80 degrees and sunny.
Exaclty as here! :biggrin: