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Cruise Addicts NEW YEAR Roll-Call!!


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The real Bob from up here in Beautiful BC. in the Fraser Valley East of Vancouver a bit. (JUST SOUTH OF POPCORN)

wishing all you @ddicts A very Happy New Year and the opportunity to cruise sometime in 2013


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Hi from SW Missouri, down the road from Maw. Been a lurker for many years now, love it. Cruise coming up Feb. 3 out of Galveston, We are excited.
Bassetman and Bassetlady have been lurking and posting for over 10 years from beautiful downtown Mesa Az. A safe and prospherous New Year to all.

George C

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George and Shelagh have been addicted to cruises since the 1970's and 1st sailing on the Rotterdam, cruise # 56 will be on april on Massadam, we live in Dallas area and were both born in New York area. Have taken at least 1 cruise a year since 1977 and have no plans on cutting back, even if we love our AI trips and NYC.


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Hi there, Barbara (flyingfish) checking in. I live with my DH in NY's Hudson Valley. About 1 hour out of NYC. I check in here (John, I like the new format) every day. Sailing out on the QM2 in July.


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Happy New Year All. :boogie: Depending on the days lately check in is usually somewhere between the Mid Atlantic area and South Florida. :whistle:


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Mike from Sarasota Fl in the winter and Western NY/North Lewisburg Ohio in the summer. Been around since 2000 ish. Traveling downunder next monthe and hope to see Jilly.


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Happy New Years from randy & Beth in middle Virginia! Hope 2013 is a great one for all! 17 days 'till our next one...