Cruise Addicts ROLL Call - How long have you been a member?


I'm on Island Time
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Lets do a roll call and let others know how long you have been a member of our community?

I've been here since day one! :)

How about you? :biggrin:


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I was lurking and reading the board a long time before I did join this wonderful group.
Wonder if it was 2002 or 2003 when I did register here, can't remember anymore.


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I think it was around 2000! found it by following around some C@s who posted on another board and migrated here.... and we all stayed!

Donna - dsw

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I think is was late 1999 if not it was early 2000 for sure. Was planning our 2000 family cruise on the Celebration and posted on another board and Red Stripe sent me here. Have love it ever since I started.

This is where Denise and I became close friends - we were both planning a family cruise on Celebration - she a couple weeks after me. We started chatting and have been buds ever since!


I started reading in 2001 and have followed eversince. Have met so many soul mates. You are all like my children. Waiting for next group cruise to see you all.


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I don't know the year, but I too was searching online for cruise sites and found the other one. I think I saw something there that directed me here - and I like this one so much better. Have been here ever since.



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We took our 1st cruise in Nov of 2000. I found this site several months before that while doing research. I found another site 1st but I found out real quick that it wasn't the place I wanted to be; there was a lot of sniping back & forth & criticism of some people asking questions that had been asked & answered previously. Was so happy when I found Cruise Addicts. I was a lurker for a while before I got up the nerve to make my 1st post.

Gayle V

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Hi John, Well I don't remember the date, but it was the day after you started the first incarnation of this board. I used to post on the old Cruise2 board, with all it's craziness. Saw your invitation to check out your new board. There was no more than a total of eight posts ahead of me, when I got there. That was counting yours. I've stopped in here every day since. This is still the friendliest board out there.