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Cruise Compass

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Granduer Sailer, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Anybody know where to find the cruise compass for future cruises? Im curious to what will be goin on for mine.
  2. Claree11

    Claree11 Guest

    I just tossed all mine from our December cruise. The activities never change on the same cruise/ship and itinerary you're on so try to find a past cruiser from your cruise who kept them. There'a always a lot going on!
  3. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    I don't think they create them until right before the sailing and some cases during the week if changes are made (ie.. missed port). If you are going on the same itenerary as in 2004, odds are it's the same thing. If it's different one there are others here that have cruised this ship before and may have copies. The one I have is out of New Orleans last year. Nieciez did the one out of Baltimore last year. There were Bermuda sailings too. To get an exact one for your sailing I don't think that's possible.
  4. Thanks for your help!!
  5. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    We will be on the Majesty next week - would it help if we saved ours for you?
  6. gumballz

    gumballz Guest

    littlebit, I'd like to see them when you get back, if you don't mind
  7. kimzers

    kimzers Guest

    i was just on the mariner, and i saved mostly all of mine
  8. every little bit helps but i dont know if the mariners and the grandeurs will match or the majesty eather. It all depends on what ports you are going to and have been to.
  9. Ali

    Ali Guest

  10. Hal

    Hal Guest

    We keep our Cruise Compass and use it as a divider in our photo album to separate pictures by day. The Compass and the day's port guide gives a nice sense of context and introduces the pictures. If we get the ambition, we will scan them into our computer with the digital backed up copies. Also, kinda fun to look back and see what was going on during the cruises.

    Enchantment - Christmas 2005
    Voyager - Christmas 2004
    Zaandam - Christmas 2003
    Norwegian Sea - Christmas 2002
    Monarch - Christmas 2001
    Color Festivale - Summer 2001
  11. I have the Compass from my last years cruise on the granduer I was wondering if it will change.
  12. DHS

    DHS Guest


    I have been looking for a cruise compass for the mariner. If you can share a copy I would be most grateful!
  13. gumballz

    gumballz Guest

    Can you get two copies of your compass when you're on a cruise? We want to highlight activities and our youngest daughter wants a copy for herself that isn't marked on.
  14. cruiseclues

    cruiseclues Guest

    gumballz, We always get at least two copies. Usually we ask the steward and he usually delivers two copies each night. The Pursors desk always has copies of the Compass, as well, which you can just walk up and take.
  15. gumballz

    gumballz Guest

    =coolsign thanks! :)
  16. We just disembarked this morning from Grandeur in Tampa. Saved 2 copies of Compass most days, and the children's programs as well. Would be happy to share one, but planning to use the other in scrapbook.
    We had an awesome time. Ship is just beautiful, a great size four our young girls (6 & 7) who enjoyed being able to tell us which way to go, what floor, etc. The "spring break" crowd wasn't too rowdy, and young people from several schools entertained in the centrum most nights before dinner. Waitstaff is remarkable, friendly, always knew our names and accomodated the children's wishes while making them feel like princesses. We're all hooked, and are looking at Alaska for next time...

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