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Cruise Critic Party Mille 10-27

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by BP, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. BP

    BP Guest

    Noticed that there are now 32 people signed up for Cruse critic party. Still time to sign up for ship provided party.Great place to meet people who enjoy cruising.
  2. Ken O'Keefe

    Ken O'Keefe Guest

    I will be cruising on Mille on 10/27, how do I sign up for the party?

  3. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    Hi Bill, Already signed up. I'll see you there.
  4. Eileen

    Eileen Guest

    As of yesterday 10-7, we are 50 people strong! Yippee, great turnout so far, maybe we can keep it growing, the more the merrier!

    The countdown continues,,,,,,,,,,

    Eileen and Norm
  5. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

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