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cruise critic

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by ppat, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. ppat

    ppat Guest

    Is anyone having trouble getting on HAL's board at Cruise Critic? Why?
  2. lougee1043

    lougee1043 Guest

    no problem for me- i have it set up under favorites so i can get to hal without the other screens. what sort of problem are you having
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    No problem here, either. I, also, have it in my favorites...as I do with C@ as well
  4. ppat

    ppat Guest

    lougee1043, sail7seas

    Help me, I still can't get on!

    I have had the cruise critic Hal site bookmarked for months.
    I went on everyday. Since they did the maintanence I have not been able to get on.
    I go to the message boards and all i get is a list of HAL ships and a blicking bunny ad. I am not going crazy I swear! I have tried not using the bookmark and just logging on at www.cruisecritic.com and going to the message board but I get the same thing. I feel like an addict in withdrawal HELP!
  5. beth

    beth Guest

    Hey ppat - you're not crazy - I'm geting the same problem - I can't seem to get onto any of the boards... yikes!
  6. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I wish I were computer literate enough to be able to help.

    I might suggest you post the question on the Community Section of this board and maybe one of the computer geniuses in our community can help.

    I have no idea how to help....

    Maybe you could e-mail to Host Walt or Laura Sterling from the link on the board. One time when I was having a problem, I e-mailed them and they were both terrific about helping me. Worth a try.
  7. ppat

    ppat Guest

    My husband solved my problem. We had an old version of the netscape browser.
    When Cruise Critic did its maintenance the old brower didn't work. We updated our
    browser and now its find. I have smooth sailing!
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    HOT! Happy you solved your problem! HOT! ...and thanks for telling us what the problem was in case someone of us has the same situation in the future.
  9. tomc

    tomc Guest

    CC's never a problem for me. I have more trouble getting into this site ... click on something or try to post (especially that) and it hangs for about 80 seconds. Been that way for a long time. Occasionally I can get in quickly, but not very often.
  10. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    I find that CC takes a long time to load the info/ads etc above the topic listing whenever I go there.

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