Cruise @ddicts Bon Voyage for those Hitting the High Seas from 2/25 - 3/3


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I am going to volunteer to go on the cruise and post diaries when I get back; E can stay home and prep the house for all the work that is going to be done!:evil: :doubleup::banana::dance::evil:


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There is no doubt in my mind MAW and PAW will be taken care of, because you ALLare a great group to travel with!!


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Congrats everyone! What a suprise with Jeff, Kari, Barb, Tobyn and Megan joining the group. Wonderful! Sure wish I was going with you all. Bon Voyage!!

John F

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Bon Voyage to all!! So sorry that we will miss the Grand Princess group cruise with the gang. I just returned home from Fiji a few days ago (Scuba diving) and just could not fit in the cruise. Enjoy yourselves and have a cold "EL Special" for us. John & Priscilla :0) :0)