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Cruise @ddicts Roll Call !!!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, May 16, 2002.

  1. o2cruise

    o2cruise Guest

    Well afternoon all from an absolutely beautiful day here in the northeast of Pennsylvania about 40 miles northeast of Philadelphia.....Looking forward to our next cruise...well June 2003...but hey it's booked and it's a cruise :)
    :daisy :daisy :daisy
  2. TerryO

    TerryO Guest

    Roanoke, Virginia checking in.
  3. JackiD

    JackiD Guest

    Checking in from drizzly Temple City, California. Thinking seriously about a Princess Cruise pretty soon.

  4. LaDawn

    LaDawn Guest

    Colorado Springs here, where we're still praying for rain! Getting close to the 2-digits till our September Alaska cruise on the NCL Wind!
  5. ecu1987

    ecu1987 Guest

    Bright and sunny Emerald Ilse NC here.

    Sea Princess 10/19/02
    Sea Princess 4/02
    Majesty of the Seas 12/01
    Grand Princess 10/01
    Dawn Princess 10/00
  6. DianaD

    DianaD Guest

    Checking in from Whitby, Ontario. Off to Florida on Saturday. Not cruising this time. Next cruise Volendam January 2003.
  7. Catherine

    Catherine Guest

    Catherine from Ireland checking in!
  8. susan324

    susan324 Guest

    Checking in from Coastal Georgia...where it is sunny and still no rain!!!! Packing to cruise this weekend on the Victory!!!
  9. Davef

    Davef Guest

    Hi, Dave & Cookie from Baltimore,Ohio (30 miles SE of Columbus) and still trying to convince my wife that we need to be part of Ch@os.
  10. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Hello from Wayne, NJ! Go Nets!
  11. cruisaholic

    cruisaholic Guest

    Howdy from Chattanooga, TN!!
  12. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Wisonsin here.
  13. Cruise Lady

    Cruise Lady Guest

    Hello, from beautiful San Diego, California.........

    Cruise Lady
  14. Roger and Lois, SW Missouri
  15. JeanneM

    JeanneM Guest

    Jeanne & Scott from Southeastern Massachusetts.

    Waiting patiently for our December 7th cruise on the Constellation!
  16. tinker

    tinker Guest

    Checking in from Central Florida, looks like I have a lot of compnay.
  17. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Guest

    Port Angeles, Washington checking in on a nice sunny day. I hope we have this weather on the 25th when we sale on HAL Amsterdam on our Alaska/Inside Passage cruise.
  18. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    Checking ing from the Ct. river valley area.

    Laurie :wave
  19. Suez

    Suez Guest

    Suez checking in from Wichita, KS......

  20. Fla Jack

    Fla Jack Guest

    Honey & Jack-20 miles south of Tampa Fla.

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