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Cruise Directors

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sexilexi, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. sexilexi

    sexilexi Guest

    Lets start a post about who the cruise directors are on the ships and whatever other staff you remember.

    I was just on the Nordic Empress a week and a half ago and it was Chris Lane. He was very good. Definitely had that cruise director look. The year before i was on the ship and it was Dan Dan the Party Man. Didn't like him quite as much as Chris, but you might.
  2. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    We were on Navigator in September and had the honor of having Jeffrey Arpin as our cruise director. We spoke to a woman onboard who had been on 69 cruises - on a variety of lines and she said he is in the top two for Cruise Directors.

    Watching him was like watching a sitcom or something. A real pro.
  3. CruiserFox

    CruiserFox Guest

    Just got back from the 2/29 sailing on VOS. Had Richard Spacey, he was amazing!! SO much energy, not to mention rather attractive. Way back when on board the Nordic Empress we had Ken Rush. WE've had a few in between but none worth mentioning.
  4. Dana77389

    Dana77389 Guest

    Just tell me one thing....how come all the cruise directors are guys? Julie on the Love Boat is the only female Cruise Director I've heard of!..LOL!!
  5. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Oh RCI has a few. One had the nickname of Rizzo. Let's just say that when she was on the TV doing a talk, I turned the volumn down. No personality at all and the voice of nails going over a chalk board. Also Jeff Martin's sister, Nicole is a CD. When I sailed on the Grandeur he was the CD and she was his assistant. She has since moved up the ranks to a Cruise Director.

    My favorite of all wasJeff Arpin. He had the best sense of humor and he was just a nice person to be around. It was such a shame he retired.
  6. sexilexi

    sexilexi Guest

    my friend just recently cruised on the Monarch of the seas and she said she had a female cruise director. Her name was becky. There are probably fewer women doing the job because it appeals to them less.
  7. JennN

    JennN Guest

    We were on the Mariner the end of January and had Ken Rush as our cruise director. He was fantastic. That was his last Mariner cruise for a while though. He was taking his break and then going to the Jewel for a few months before returning to the Mariner.
  8. sexilexi

    sexilexi Guest

    anyone else?
  9. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    A year a so ago we sailed the Grandur and had Clodagh as our cruise director. One of our favorites is Gordon Whatman.
  10. On the Brilliance we had Clodaugh O'Connor....anyone know who is on the Radiance??
  11. monaco90

    monaco90 Guest

    Just got off the Radiance two days ago. Our cruise director was Angie. She was ok - Personality was lacking but she seemed to enjoy her job and tried to be enthusiastic (However she seemed to be obsessed with the idea of women spending all their husband's money - got boring real fast). Her assistant was "Money Man Mark" He ran the bingo games and had the cheesy game show host thing down pat. However, we spoke to him one morning when he was off duty, or at least not doing the used car salesman schtick, and he came across as quite genuine. The rest of the entertainment/activity crew were good.


    Radiance, March 2004
  12. Ashley

    Ashley Guest

    Had Jeff Martin as CD on Voyager....not bad but got kind of annoying. No offense! Jannie Cloete (spelling?!) on Radiance last summer! He seemed very nice but his assistant cruise director turned out to be one of my Dad's childhood neighbours! So that was the best part!
  13. mac_tlc

    mac_tlc Guest

    Had Kirk Detweiler (sp?) on the Mariner on 2/15/04. Very personable and entertaining. Also had the pleasure of having Jeffrey Arpin on the Explorer 8/02 and Navigator 2/03 . He was the best we have had on any of our cruises. Too bad he hung up his microphone last May ......

  14. Sheik

    Sheik Guest

    On the VOS (3/14/2004) our cd was Richard Spacey. What a great sense of humor!!! Entertainment was top!
  15. Grasshoppa

    Grasshoppa Guest

    Marc Walker on the Enchantment (Feb 02) was fantastic, the best CD I've ever had. Wonder if he's still around???
  16. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    On the Monarch last month our cruise director was Matt Sole. We didn't see him much because we didn't go to a lot of the shows, but he seemed to have a good personality and a good rapport with the passengers.
  17. lamull

    lamull Guest

    Does anyone know who the current Cruise Director is on the Navigator?
  18. seagoingJLW

    seagoingJLW Guest

    On Royal Caribbean ships we had Susan Woods twice as our cruise director. She is really good.

  19. cmh717

    cmh717 Guest

    Just returned from the Sovereign from the 3/29 sailing. We had Keith Williams, he apparently just took over from Nikki Stevens whom I understand had resigned recently.
    He did a great job. Always out chatting with passengers, I saw him on the last night finding a customs form for some passengers that had messed theirs up. NIce guy!
    Last I heard Marc Walker was on the Voyager, but that might have changed by now.
    He's one of my favorites.
  20. 371012

    371012 Guest

    Marc Walker was the CD on Navigator last week. He was very good.

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