Cruise for 20 month old ?



My wife & I have been on 4 different cruises (3 with Carnival) and we are expecting a new baby in May 2003 and would like to take a cruise in Jan or Feb 2003. None of the information seen so far relates to kids 2 years or younger.
Would it be a mistake to take our 22 month old ? We've been to all of the places where the cruises go, so it's not like we need to see everything again. It's just to relax and enjoy ourselves and our baby before the new baby comes.
We're looking at the new Conquest or a ship out of Galveston TX.
Would a 22 month old be out of place ?


First you need to be aware that Carnival, as well as most other cruise lines will not allow your wife to board the ship if she is in her third trimester of pregnancy. Having said that, with respect to your 22 month old; as long as you are prepared to supervise this child, it is completely appropriate to travel with him. It is my understanding that children must be potty trained to participate in the organized programs (Camp Carnival).