Cruise Insurance



I'm about to book my first cruise--an Eastern Caribbean cruise in October. Royal Caribbean offers cruise insurance for $99 per person; the cruise itself only costs $699 per person. I can't decide if cruise insurance is something I should sign-up for. Any guidance would be appreciated. (FYI: I'm a 25 year-old physician in good health).


Yes, get insurance but I would not use RCI's insurance. It does not protect you if the company goes under. Doubt that will happen anytime soon in RCI's case. We use CSA and Travelguard. You can find them both on the internet. Just read the policy and be sure it's what you want.


It's not the cost of the trip as much as what would happen if you got hurt on the ship or in a port. Cruise insurance would cover your expenses and if need be the extra cost of getting you back home. When I first started sailing, I never purchased it. Now, it's the second thing after booking the cruise that I purchase.

As SailingRose said, do no purchase RCI's insurance. There are so many things that they don't cover. Here is a link to compare all the insurance that is out there for cruisers.