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Cruise to Alaska Solo

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by doreen, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Hi all,

    I desperately want to go to Alaska this summer. Unfortunately my boy friend broke up with me and I can't interest anyone in going with me. The travel agent is discouraging me against going solo. I will pay the supplement. My concern is how awkward and lonely I will feel. I'm 50, very attractive and easy to get along with.

    Was thinking of a Princess cruise out of Seattle.

    Thanks all.

  2. PEB

    PEB Guest

    I will tell you what I have found while on Princess ships cruising Alaska. I have found that the people all start discussing the beauty of Alaska so finding someone to talk with and have a good conversation is easy.

    Yes I cruise with my wife but we both have other interests so we are not always together on a cruise. I am a big guy that many people shy away from due to my looks but while on an Alaskan cruise I have many people strike up a conversation with me just to discuss the things they are seeing.

    I cannot promise anything and I do not know your personality but I am sure that you will find people to spend time with onboard a Princess Alaskan cruise. The first day or two perhaps you may have to start up a conversation but I am willing to bet you will make friends on any cruise whether single or not and no matter what your age.

    An Alaskan cruise is well worth taking.
  3. TheDivineMsM

    TheDivineMsM Guest

    We do have a group cruise of people your age going on the Norwegian Star leaving round trip from Seattle 6/27. We got together over the net and have really come to know each other. We have several group excusions planned..which would save you money! If you are interested...my e-mail is:
    Hope to hear from you!
  4. keywest66

    keywest66 Guest

    I AM ALSO THINKING OF A PRINCESS CRUISE FROM SEATTLE, FIRST WEEK of august.I travel alone all the time and have made freinds in different states. I would rather go alone than sit home and do nothing. JEFF
  5. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Jeff you are so right. Hopefully I will meet other adventurous soles such as yourself.

  6. ginnylou

    ginnylou Guest

    I cruised alone to Alaska last June and had a wonderful time so much in fact that I just booked another one yesterday. There is always someone to talk with and things to do no matter where you cruise. Don't let cruising solo stop you.

    As a matter of fact cruising solo can be fun, no one to worry about, you come and go when you like. Stay up as late as you want or go to sleep early its your call. Take a nap in the middle of day, that's okay. Stay out dancing.

    My husband past away a few years ago and I love to cruise so for me it is an adventure, yes it can be lonely but if you smile and say hello to all you pass, you'll have plently of people to talk with. It is no different then staying at home it is up to you to get out there and enjoy yourself. I hope you will give it a try and then let all of us know how much you enjoyed yourself. Miss Piggy Brulee
  7. doreen

    doreen Guest

    I booked it. Leaving 7/24. FYI Princess has a special rate for singles which is a little better than 200%.
  8. ginnylou

    ginnylou Guest

    Happy to hear that you are going. Be sure and write your review when you get back. Enjoy, Miss Piggy Brulee
  9. boatluvr

    boatluvr Guest

    Hi Doreen - I can understand your reluctance to travel alone, but there are some options.

    Go to: www.CruiseCritics.com It seems to be the most active of all the Message Boards. People seem to be making friends with others on their cruise by reading the
    messages and then responding when they find out that 'someone' is on the same cruise
    they are on . By the time you board the ship, there will be a few
    people you already know.

    I'm single, 65 years and usually travel alone - even internationally. I have no trouble meeting others to spend time with or with whom to share activities.

    Go for it!
  10. dusty

    dusty Guest

    doreen, i am so sorry about your break up with your boyfriend

    i just saw your post. first of all i would get a different ta. cruising solo is very safe and fun as long as you follow the normall safety guidlines for yourself.

    none of my family members could get time off from work and like you my friends did not or could not afford to go on a cruise. i had to fill my lifelong dream of a cruise so i just jumped in and went solo. i went through vacationsto.com and got a great price on the carnival spirit and only paid $100 extra for being single. i had a guareenteed 1a cabin and when i got to the ship i had been upgraded to a 4a ( the main deck ). the cabin was wonderful. clean, big and so quiet. if i wanted to book a specific inside cabin again i would go with it. since it was in the back of the ship i did not notice any movement at all. some passengers became sea-sick but my cabin was nice and stable. i never felt alone because other passengers and my other single traveling table partners took me under their wing. i made wonderful and fun new friends. dont miss the formal night. it is worth getting dressed up for.

    alaska was a dream come true. i did the glacier bay 7 day cruise and i am going to do the same trip again on the same ship next may 2005. I LOVED IT.

    the food was superiour, very clean and the staff was great. there was something to do all the time. and the scenery is out of this world. it is so beautiful there. i went whale watching with capt.larry in juneau (FANTASTIC), floatplane with michelle of island wings in ketchikan ( a must do ) and a white pass summit trip with gold panning in skagway. all of these tours were well worth the money and something i will always remember. the ports are great for eating, seeing the history of alaska and gold mining, and has the best shops to buy things you normally dont see anywhere else.

    it sounds like you are someone like me that gets along well with others and is not too bad to look at so i would go for it. it was a trip that i will treasure always and i know you will too. what ever ship and itinerary you choose it will be great.

    i stayed in vancouver the night before and loved that city. i took a tour with land/sea tours and did the pre-cruise trip. then they dropped me off at the peir with my luggage and i got on the ship. i am going to do this again as well. i love vancouver and cant wait to go back. lots of alaska info can be found at www.bcpassport.com

    so dont be afraid to go on your own. get a cabin and have the time of your life, be prepared to eat the most wonderful food you cant pronounce and see fantastic sights.

    i hope my post has helped. let me know if i can give you anymore info. dusty

    Post Edited (05-08-04 12:11)
  11. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Thanks Dusty. With the assistance of the encouraging posts on Cruise Addicts I an going on the Diamond Princess 7/24. Booked my excursions last week and the countdown has begun. I'm glad to hear they sat you at a table with other solo travelers. I was concerned about that. It's good to know there are other adventurous souls out there who will take the chance rather than give up the experience.

    I will post upon my return for anyone else facing the same dilemna.

  12. dusty

    dusty Guest



    when you get on board go to the dining room and tell them you want to set at a table with other singles. they will do their best to accomidate you if they havnt done it for you already.

    go to the top of the screen here under the sun and register yourself on the calender and countdown list. it is so exciting to see your name on the date and see your name go up on the list as the days go by. it sure perks me up.

    i know you are going to have a great time. 6 of my family members will be on the diamond july 9 for the alaska cruise. so i will be able to let you know how it is when they get back. whooo-----hoooo, cruising in is my family's blood. and i started it!!!!

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