Cruise vs. All -inclusive?


Dee OC

All-inclusive is great but the feeling of being out on the open sea and the motion of the ship can't be beat.Seeing beautiful ports from a ship is wonderful. The sail away for me is one of the most exciting things a person can do


I think when you are comparing a cruise to an AI price should not be your main concern. That's because there are deals to be had in both venues. If you like to drink quite a bit and take lots of tours, your price on a cruise will go up (and vice versa). Our main reason for cruising is the sea. Our first cruise was a land and sea package for our honeymoon. The land part was very nice indeed with breakfast and lunch and happy hour included. There were two pools and a beach and casinos in the town. But I knew I was a confirmed cruiser when I realized I could not wait to get back on the ship. Yes I love the wonderful food and the entertainment and being waited on, but it's hanging on the rail and watching the trackless sea, the ever-changing sky, and the sense of well-being and peace that keeps me going back.


I definitely prefer cruise to an all-inclusive.

All-inclusives have their good points, but being on a cruise is ... awe-inspiring ... breathtaking.... and your hotel goes with you.

We went to Cancun last year and stayed at an all-inclusive. There seemed to be a pressure to do everything to get your money's worth. The service was good. The food was good as well.

On a cruise (I've only been on one so far), your cares are swept away with the tides. The feeling of needing to do everything is gone the moment you step foot onboard. I believe the food to be awesome as well as the service being superb.


They are different experiences. Cruises , you feel you've went some place. All-inclusives, you discover some place. What do you like to do? If you like to discover everything about a specific location. The flavor of the people, the culture, the cuisine, the environment, you won't get that on a cruise. If you like to experience a vacation as a vagabond, taking in the surroundings, just long enough to go to the next location, then you will enjoy cruises better.

Unlike many of the previous posts, I disagree. An all inclusive is usually not all inclusive. It covers your stay at the resort. There are some additional excursions that you can take, such as I did a night dive and went horse-back riding in Jamaica. On a cruise, if your ship is not in port to do a night dive, then you are out of luck.

So, the experiences are different. You should experience life. Not compare if an orange is better than a tangerine.

Go out and live your life. It's the only one you've got!